Varietal Selection

Due to the large variety of types and cultivars, it is important to identify local consumer wants or needs. The following list is illustrative only. There are too many varieties to list and most have not been tested locally. Individual or on-farm testing of new varieties allows growers to find cultivars that adapted to the local climatic and environmental conditions found throughout Utah. Always compare a new variety to your existing variety. Seed dealers can provide other options.

Variety Suggestions for Commonly Grown Root Vegetables.

Plant Family and Common Name Varieties


Carrot Adelaide, Bolero, Cordoba, Danvers, Fuerta, Imperator, Ingot, Neptune, Romance
Parsnip Albion, All American, Javelin, Pacific
Brassicas Radish Champion, Cherry Belle, Crunchy Crimson, French Breakfast, Sparkler, Whitella, Winner
Rutabaga Helenor, Laurentian
Turnip Bella Luna, Purple White Top, Royal Crown, Shogoin, White Lady
Other Beet Cylindra, Detroit, Early Wonder, Falco, Red Ace, Touchstone
*mostly untested and not a complete list