Utah Water Watch

    Citizen Monitoring: Educating and Engaging Citizens through Monitoring Activities

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    Utah Water Watch (UWW) is a water quality education and data collection program that seeks to increase awareness about the importance of water quality and promote stewardship of Utah’s aquatic resources.


    HAB Priority sitesHarmful Algal Bloom Training - 2018

    Winter HAB training for 2018 is scheduled in January and February.  Check out the calendar for a training in your area.  We encourage anyone to attend who visits community ponds, lakes or reservoirs on a regular basis. We have a map of priority locations. The training includes field and microscope identification and sample collection procedures.  More Information.

    Map of Volunteer Data (2015-2017)Map of locations with graphed volunteer data

    Sometimes it helps to visualize data. Check out the map showing statewide monitoring locations, organized by watershed and only including sites regularly sampled in 2015-2017. Click on the individual locations to find site information and graphs.  Larger images available here.

    Happy HolidaysHappy Holidays from Utah Water Watch!


    End of Volunteer Season.

    Tier 2 Escalante Training stream flowsOctober is the last month for the official Tier 1 monitoring season.  We held the last training in Escalante October 20 and 21st.  In 2018 we have trained 81 new volunteers who have helped to monitor 127 sites this year!  Be sure to enter the final data into the volunteer database or send data to the program coordinators to enter.  

    Volunteer Engagement Survey

    SurveyThanks to those of you who have submitted the Volunteer Engagement survey we have emailed around!  Who should have received the survey? - Anyone who has attended our workshop in the past.  It is an important part of our program to make assessments and improvements and learn more about the growing citizen science interest.

    We will be sending gifts out in the next two weeks for those who fill out the survey.  If you have not seen the survey, check your emails or contact us if you still are unable to find it or have any trouble.  If you prefer, we can send out some paper copies.  

    Thanks from the Utah Water Watch team!!