Utah Water Watch

    Citizen Monitoring: Educating and Engaging Citizens through Monitoring Activities

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    Utah Water Watch (UWW) is a water quality education and data collection program that seeks to increase awareness about the importance of water quality and promote stewardship of Utah’s aquatic resources.



    Volunteer Engagement Survey

    SurveyThanks to those of you who have submitted the Volunteer Engagement survey we have emailed around!  Who should have received the survey? - Anyone who has attended our workshop in the past.  It is an important part of our program to make assessments and improvements and learn more about the growing citizen science interest.

    We will be sending gifts out in the next two weeks for those who fill out the survey.  If you have not seen the survey, check your emails or contact us if you still are unable to find it or have any trouble.  If you prefer, we can send out some paper copies.  

    Thanks from the Utah Water Watch team!!

    Harmful Algal Blooms

    Surface AlgaeVolunteers, it is important to keep an eye out for harmful algal blooms this summer.  Whether at your sample site or out visiting lakes and reservoirs this summer.  We have protocol that anyone who finds a bloom can follow if they are concerned.  Helpful resources to ID harmful algal blooms.  To help identify the algae, there are several available microscopes located around the state.  Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  

    Volunteer Gatherings

    SLC Volunteer GatheringTwo fun volunteer gatherings this year in St. George and Salt Lake City!  We really enjoyed having the picnics to St. George Volunteer Gatheringchat with our volunteers in a casual setting to get to know you better.  We will plan to keep doing these throughout the years and will add new locations.  Thanks to Eli for getting them organized and having delicious food!