About Us

The Utah Community-Based Conservation Program is a cooperative effort supported by Utah State University Extension and the Jack H. Berryman institute.


  • To implement a process that enhances coordination and communication between community-based adaptive resource management working groups, private, and public partners.
  • To develop “seamless” plans for designated Utah geographic areas that contribute to the conservation of sage-grouse and other wildlife species that inhabit Utah’s sagebrush-steppe and desert shrub ecosystems and enhance the economic sustainability of local communities.

Why Extension?

  • Extension is a non-regulatory entity.
  • Extension has strong ties to the local community and economy.
  • Extension has established solid working relationships with local landowners and agricultural producers.

Why the Berryman Institute?

  • The Berryman Institute is a national organization based in the Department of Wildland Resources at Utah State University. It is named after Jack H. Berryman to honor his distinguished career in wildlife management. The Berryman Institute is dedicated to improving human-wildlife relationships and resolving human-wildlife conflicts through teaching, research, and extension.
  • The Berryman Institue publishes Human-Wildlife Interactions. Human-Wildlife Interactions is the only scientific journal dedicated improving the management of human wildlife conflicts.