USU Extension 4-H maintains a Kits for Checkout Program for 4-H faculty and staff. There are several items that are also available for registered volunteers, public school teachers and afterschool providers. Below is how to access the system:



Register: You must be registered to access the system. To register, follow this link. usually takes 24-48   hours for us to put you into the system once you have registered. This registration only needs to be done once.

Access the System: The Catalog of supplies is maintained through a third-party program called Asset Tiger. Once you are in the system you will receive a confirmation email asking you to set up a password for the site. Once this is done, you can access the catalog of supplies by going to there, you can sign in and it will take you to dashboard. It will look like this:

Kits4Checkout Dashboard

To see the list of items for checkout, click on “Assets” from the side menu.
Then click on “List of Assets”.

You should see a page that looks like this:

Kits4Checkout List of Assets

From there you can scroll through the items available for Checkout.

You can also search by subject or keyword by clicking on “Search Criteria” and then “Categories”:

Kits4Checkout Categories

Reserve Your Selection: To find out details on an item you are interested in checking out, click on the item number, then clicking “More Details”.  You will be able to see information on the item you are interested in checking out. Toward the bottom the “Documentation” and “Linking” Tabs may have access to more information and curriculum (this part is still a work in progress; these links will increase over the next few weeks).

To check availability, click on the “Reserve” tab at the bottom of the page. This will take you to a calendar showing the reservations of just the item you clicked on.  To reserve the item, click “Add Reservation” at the top of the calendar. You need to click a beginning and ending date. Please enter the dates and times you plan to pick up and drop off the item, not just the dates of the actual event. You can also request confirmation and reminder emails for your reservation.  

Kits4Checkout Reservation

IMPORTANT:  Items for Checkout at Thanksgiving Point are pulled for the next week each Friday afternoon. Items must be reserved by 5:00 pm Thursday night to be available for checkout the following week.

Hints for successful checkout:

Kits4Checkout Status

Once you have made your reservation, it will be verified by 4-H staff. You will be sent a Qualtrics survey asking questions about the where and how you will be using the checkout equipment. This survey must be completed to finalize your reservation. If you do not see the survey link, it can be found here:  A new survey must be completed for each reservation.

Please be sure to return items on time so that they are available for the next reservation. If there are unforeseen circumstances, please email.


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