USU Extension 4-H maintains a Kits for Checkout Program for 4-H faculty and staff. There are several items that are also available for registered volunteers, public school teachers, and afterschool providers. Below is how to access the system:



01. Register

If you do NOT have an account in our checkout system, register here.

We update registrations about once a week.  At that time you will receive an email from Asset Tiger asking you to set a password.
* If you already have an Asset Tiger account, skip this step.

02. View items on AssetTiger

Go to to view items available for checkout. If your login doesn't work, contact us. If you try creating a new Asset Tiger account, the program will set up a completely new checkout system for you. Please follow step 1 if you do not have access.

03. Check availability

Click on the item that you are interested in checking out.  Once you are on the item page, check the calendar to see if it is available on the dates you would like to have it checked out.

04. Request to check out item

If the item is available, use this form to request an item for checkout.

*Please plan to check items out two weeks in advance to allow time for the reservation to be verified and pulled for you.

05. Wait for verification email

Wait for a verification email on your reservation. We will verify its availability and reserve it for you on the calendar before sending the email.

06. Pick up items

Items can be picked up from and returned to the Bastian Agricultural Center in South Jordan unless noted on the item description. There are a few items located at other sites.

07. Return the items

Return the items on time and in good condition to retain checkout privileges.

Additional Notes—please read:

Please note that we do not have anyone with hours available to sort items, charge items, or make major repairs.

If you use a kit with many small pieces, plan the time to sort the kit out before returning it.If something is wrong with the item (tires popped on a blender bike, tension off on a sewing machine, major parts missing, etc.) please let us know when you return the items.

The way you return an item is the way that the next user receives it unless we are told there is a problem. Your communication can avoid frustration for the next person.

For questions/needs, please email BOTH and

IMPORTANT:  Items for Checkout at Bastian Agricultural Center in South Jordan are pulled for the next week each Friday afternoon. Items must be reserved by 5:00 pm Thursday night to be available for checkout the following week.

Once you have made your reservation
, it will be verified by 4-H staff. You will be sent a Qualtrics survey asking questions about the where and how you will be using the checkout equipment. This survey must be completed to finalize your reservation. If you do not see the survey link, it can be found here:  A new survey must be completed for each reservation.

Please be sure to return items on time so that they are available for the next reservation. If there are unforeseen circumstances, please email.

Hints for successful checkout:

In the old system, checkouts were divided into USU staff checkouts, and items available to others. With the new system, they are all in one place. Before reserving an item, be sure that you are eligible to check it out by looking at the Checkout Category.  If you reserve an item you are not eligible to checkout, your registration will not be honored.

  • Be sure to look at the description to see the number of items in a set. For example, if you are reserving a Snap Circuits set of 5 kits but you need 10, you may need to reserve a second item to get the quantity you want. There are multiple kits of many items in the system.
  • Be sure you note the location of the item you are checking out. Currently most items are located at Thanksgiving Point, but we will be adding items from other locations.  If you are in Kane county, you may not want to reserve something located in Box Elder county.
  • Other than reservations for county offices, please limit your reservations to 3 items at a time. This will allow more members of the community to have access to the resources. If you have a special event and need to request an exception to this rule, please email prior to making the reservation.

Questions? Contact Deborah Ivie | (801) 300-5680

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