Program Areas
Youth Leadership Development

Our communities, our nation, and the world needs leaders. Leaders for tomorrow, and yes, leaders for today. In 4-H we don’t only teach youth about how to be leaders someday. Youth in 4-H are placed in meaningful leadership roles today and are surrounded with positive and caring adults to help. Youth have the creativity, connectivity and availability to make a difference now. 4-H leadership helps to empower youth by giving them the opportunities to further develop and use those skills to impact the community for good.

Leadership Resources

Utah 4-H youth leaders...

  • Develop leadership and decision making skills through club activities and curriculum
  • Mentor, encourage, and teach other 4-H youth
  • Plan and implement 4-H events
  • Complete community service-leadership activities
  • Attend workshops, conferences and events that focus on leadership skills and development
  • Take on leadership positions at the county, regional, state, and national level



For more information pertaining to Utah 4-H Youth Leadership Development in your area,
contact your local County Extension Office  

Vernon Parent | Leadership and Civics Specialist |