iSEE | Utah 4-H

Hands-on, in-school programming for 5th graders

All 5th grade classes in the state of Utah are offered this program over a three-year period. Take advantage of our educational resources to make your visit or classroom experience more meaningful!

This program is held statewide and is housed at the Bastian Agricultural Center with educational outreach programs prepared to visit your schools.

science education for Utah kids

This program enhances SEEd Standard 5.1.4

Want to bring iSEE to your classroom?

Contact Meggan at or (435) 230-3375

iSEE organizations provide the following services:


students learning in a science assembly


Outreach Programs

Assemblies and hands-on classroom experiences to inspire students to learn about the wonders of science.

iSEE organizations bring innovative and educational programs into schools, linking our educators and scientists with classroom teachers and students.

students on a stem field trip

Field Trip Programs

iSEE organizations offer unique educational opportunities at each facility including:

  • Live animals
  • Museum specimens
  • Interactive environments
  • Multimedia programs


professional development for teachers

Teacher Professional Development

iSEE organizations provide teacher workshops that include:

  • Current science content
  • Practical teaching techniques
  • Materials


stem resources for teachers

Teacher Resources

Educational tools enabling teachers to transform their classrooms into exciting learning laboratories.

iSEE organizations provide:

  • Critically needed activities and equipment
  • Specimens for classroom use

Looking to make your visit or classroom experience more meaningful?
Take advantage of our educational resources! 

For questions and inquiries, please contact the following:

Interested in bringing iSEE to your classroom?
Meggan Callister | | (435) 230-3375

Looking for STEM Curriculum?
Deb Ivie | | (801) 300-5680 

Need to enter numbers for data and reporting?
Denise Taylor | | (801) 913-8419