Pull our your camera and tripod or simply use your phone, and take pictures to be entered in the Utah 4-H Horse and Livestock Photography Contest! This contest is free to enter and open to all youth and adults! In addition to fun prizes, winngin photos will be displayed on the website for a year and will be used to create our 2021 Utah 4-H Horse and Livestock Calendar.

Submissions are currently CLOSED.
Check back next year to submit your photos!

2020 Horse and Livestock Photography Contest Honorable Mentions

Photography Contest Rules

The Utah 4-H Junior Livestock Calendar Photo Contest, and the Utah 4-H Horse Photo Contest is open to all individuals (youth and adults) who have original photography showcasing anything and everything involving livestock and horses. Submission categories are seasonal: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Winning photos will be used to create the new Utah 4-H Junior Livestock Program Calendar, and the Utah 4-H Horse Programs Calendar to be sold for the 2021 Calendar Year. This calendar will include state-wide 4-H events, horse and livestock related tips, and guides for horse and livestock care.

Photo Search Entry Procedure:

1. Each individual may submit up to five (5) photos per category, per contest. Youth may submit to both the livestock, and horse contests.

2. All submissions must be entered by the closing date (September 13th, 2020). No submissions will be accepted late. 

3. All entries must be submitted through Qualtrics. No emailed or physical entries will be accepted. The links for both contest submission forms is found at the top of this page.

3. Entries will be displayed via social media and at the 2020 Utah State Fair for voting. Entries with the most votes in each category will be displayed in the 2021 Utah 4-H Junior Livestock Programs Calendar. 
4. Individuals can only win once per category. For example, of the 20 total photos that may be submitted, a maximum of four (4) will be selected for the calendar. 
5. Individuals may submit the same photo in all four categories, or submit the same photo as color and again as black and white. 

6. Winning photos will be posted on the Utah 4-H web site for approximately one year. 

Photo Search General Rules:

1. All photography must have been taken by the individual submitting the form and rights to the photo will be given to Utah 4-H for use in the calendar and marketing materials. Signatures or logos on photos is encouraged and will remain visible whenever the photo is used.

2. All photography must involve some aspect of the livestock or horse industry for their respective contests.
3. There are no stipulations regarding editing or style of photo, and photos can be submitted as color or black and white. 

3. The electronic photo file name should consist of the the photographers last name, first and middle initial, category, and number of submission. For example, John Doe Smith is submitting three (3) photos for the contest in the Spring category. The photo files should be labeled as follows: SmithJDSpring1, SmithJDSpring2, and SmithJDSpring3.

5. Failure to meet any of the entry procedures or general rules will disqualify the photo entry.


If you have any questions please email Jessie Hadfield at