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4-H Entrepreneurs

The 4-H Entrepreneur program teaches youth how to start their own business to sell products or services.

Youth who attend the 4-H Entrepreneur Camp in their county have the opportunity to host a booth for their business at their county fair, where they will sell their products/services directly to the public. Youth participants will learn-by-doing in this program – they create real businesses, and can make real sales!

Throughout the months of January – April, 2022, county facilitators will host four, two-hour long workshops to teach youth attendees about the required course content before they can begin generating sales. All course content is fun, engaging, and hosted in group settings. Check with your county Extension Office for more details on dates and location of workshops.

Partnering Counties

*If you would like to participate in 4-H Entrepreneurs, but don’t see your county on this list contact:




Food Safety

4-H Entrepreneurs who are selling any food or food based products are required to complete the following survey. Your response will be evaluated by the Extension Food Entrepreneurship Program to determine if your products can safely be made in a home kitchen. If your product is flagged for follow up, we will work with you directly about the next steps. Please watch for the approval or further instructions in your email.


To increase the likelihood of approval, please try to submit recipes for foods that flow to a GREEN bubble in this chart:

Examples of foods in each category: 

(products that can be made safely)

Seasoned popcorn, cupcakes with store-bought frosting, chocolate chip cookies, bottled raspberry jam

(products that need to be tested first, but recipe changes might be needed before it can be approved)

Dried apple slices, cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, zucchini bread, bottled jalapeno raspberry jam

(products that cannot be approved)

Beef jerky, cream puffs filled with pudding, cheesecake, bottled green beans



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