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4-H Scholarships

Utah 4-H offers a variety of scholarships to 4-H members to help offset the cost of postsecondary education. The amount and number of scholarships depends on the availability of funds and the status of the applicant pool.

Utah State University 4-H Scholarship Information

Application Requirements

  • USU Acceptance and A-Number - Applicants are required to have been accepted to Utah State University and have a USU A-Number to log on to Scholarship Universe. To apply, visit:
  • Online Submission through:
  • FASFA - Students are strongly encouraged to apply for financial aid before seeking scholarships as several scholarships are based on financial eligibility. More than half of Utah 4-H scholarships are considered “needs based” and students must submit their “Expected Family Contribution” from FAFSA when completing the scholarship application in order to be considered for "needs based" scholarships.

For more information about Financial Aid, click here:[BROKEN LINK]



4-H scholarships are not eligible for deferment. If you plan to take a leave of absence between high school and post-secondary education, please apply for 4-H scholarships during the application window just prior to the first semester you plant to attend Utah State University.


Contact Kelsey Romney  | (435) 797-2250

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