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TRY Training

TRY stands for Teens Reaching Youth. Teens come together from across Utah to learn leadership skills and strategies to be a good teacher. In addition, they will receive a Project related curriculum and receive hands-on interactive lessons about that curriculum. Teens then return home to their own counties and teach what they have learned to younger youth and peers. Curriculum topics can include: 

FCS/Healthy Living – Happiness & Meaning


Event Information

Teams of 4-5 youth with one adult come together as a teams.  They return to their counties to teach 6-8 hours our curriculum in their counties related to their curriculum.  If unable to attend,  stand alone lessons can be downloaded for counties to run their own training at a different time. Everyone must still register through zsuites for t-shirt size, curriculum supplies etc.

When: March 22-23, 2024
Where: Richfield, UT—Sevier County Fairgrounds
Who: Teams of Youth in 7th—12th grades and adult coaches
Cost: FREE with commitment to fulfill 6-8 hours of programming in counties

 Contact JoLene Bunnell | (801) 318-4603 |  jolene.bunnell@usu.edu

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