This contest is open to youth in 3rd to 12th grade, at the county level and state level . All divisions: Junior (3rd-5th graders), Intermediate (6th- 8th graders) and Senior (9th- 12th graders) are based on Sept. 1 of the current 4-H year.Only Senior division youth can compete at the national level.


We will be judging the sewing construction as well as modeling for the constructed/modified division on the state level.  If the contest ends up being a virtual event, we will only judge the modeling and interview. 

  • At the national level they only judge the modeling and interview.
  • National level only allows you to compete in one division.

Youth can compete in 2 different divisions and will be judged separately. Those divisions are:

  • Constructed/Modified - 50% of the score will be on sewing construction and 50% will be on modeling and interviews (if virtual, 100% will be on modeling and interview).
    • Modified outfits must show at least 30% change in the construction/design.
  • Purchased/Embellished - 100% will be on modeling and interviews
    • All items in this division are purchased but can included upcycling/embellishing that include little or no sewing of the purchased item.


Questions?  Contact JoLene Bunnell  |  (801) 318-4603  |  jolene.bunnell@usu.edu