This contest is open to youth in 3rd to 12th grade, at the county level and state level . All divisions: Junior (3rd-5th graders), Intermediate (6th- 8th graders) and Senior (9th- 12th graders) are based on Sept. 1 of the current 4-H year. Only Senior division youth can compete at the national level.


Youth can compete in 3 different divisions and will be judged separately. Those divisions are:

  • Constructed — 50% of the score will be on sewing construction and 50% will be on modeling and interviews
    • Each piece in the ensemble must be created by the participant. An exception: a constructed full-length coat that may be worn over a ready-to-wear garment. Various construction methods, including hand sewing, sewing machine construction, knitting, and crocheting, are appropriate. Garments may be crafted from patterns or feature original designs.
  • Purchased — 100% will be on modeling and interviews
    • All pieces within the ensemble can be new, previously owned, or a blend of both, and they must retain their original condition. Participants may alter a garment to improve its fit. Outfit selection should demonstrate sound consumer skills by evaluating aspects such as fit, quality, and cost.
  • Upcycle Your Style: Modified — 100% will be on modeling and interviews
    • Upcycling is the process of taking discarded or unused materials and transforming them into new products of better quality or value. In the context of fashion, upcycling involves repurposing old clothing or textiles to create new and unique garments. This can include altering the items through sewing, embellishing, or combining them with other materials to give them a fresh look and extend their lifespan.

Remember: We will be judging the sewing construction as well as modeling for the constructed division on the state level.
     *At the national level they only judge the modeling and interview.


Score Sheet & Possible Interview Questions:

Construction   Purchased   Upcycle Your Style: Modified


Questions?  Contact JoLene Bunnell  |  (801) 318-4603  |  jolene.bunnell@usu.edu