This contest is open to youth in 3rd to 12th grade, at the county level
Both Intermediate (6th through 8th graders) and Senior (9th through 12th graders) at the state level as of Sept. 1.
Only Senior division youth can compete at the national level.


New Changes:
We will be judging the sewing construction as well as modeling for the constructed division! If the contest ends up being a virtual event, we will only judge the modeling and interview.

Youth can compete in 2 different divisions and will be judged separately. Those divisions are:

  • Constructed - 50% of the score will be on sewing contraction and 50% will be on modeling and interviews (if virtual, 100% will be on modeling and interview).
  • Purchased/modified - 100% will be on modeling and interviews


Questions?  Contact JoLene Bunnell  |  (385) 268-6536  |  jolene.bunnell@usu.edu