Mock Legislature is an opportunity for youth across Utah to experience the role of Legislator. Partnering with Representative Paul Ray and members of the Office of Legislative Research, Utah 4-H youth get the rare opportunity to present and debate current bills on the House Floor of the Utah State Capitol. Youth practice the entire Legislative Process by studying bills prior to the event, presenting the bill, presenting the bill in committee, and passing or rejecting the bill on the House Floor. This is an incredible educational experience, giving youth a chance to practice the legislative process hands on. Throughout the day, Utah Representatives and Senators follow the proceedings and comment on the success of the Utah 4-H program.

Event Overview

  • Guest Speakers - can include Speaker of the House and members of the Office of Legislative Research
  • A lesson on the legislative process
  • Committee meetings
  • A tour of the Capitol building
  • Rules Committee deciding the order of the bills to be presented
  • Debate over the bills that the youth present
  • One-on-one mentoring with Representatives

Questions: Contact JoLene Bunnell - jolene.bunnell@usu.edu | (385) 268-6536