Is it better to buy local or to change the types of foods we are eating? What is a CSA? Find answers to these questions and more by browsing this page


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Jeff Adams from Terrasophia LLC shows strategies for permaculture and climate resiliency on both a small and large scale.

Jeremy Lynch gives a tour of the permaculture garden on the USU Moab Campus.

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Community Solar Dehydrator Plans

As interest in home gardening and self-sufficiency surged during the pandemic, many are looking for ways to preserve foods from their newfound harvests. This fact sheet provides an overview of how to build a community solar food dehydrator for food preser...

Fact Sheets

Backyard Beekeeping

"This fact sheet provides a basic guideline for those interested in backyard beekeeping, whether just for the enjoyment of tending the bees, or the reward of the delicious honey produced."

Community Supported Agriculture: Legal Concerns

"As with all businesses, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) growers may experience legal concerns. This fact sheet will walk growers through certain steps that may be taken to minimize the liability of your CSA operation and manage possible risks."

Community Supported Agriculture: Pricing

"A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operation requires financial knowledge and planning. This information can help you through the financial process by explaining how to develop a budget, how to price your CSA share with different pricing strategies,...

Meat-Wise Eating Habits

"This fact sheet provides a set of quick facts and action tools to make educated choices concerning one major purchasing choice for many: meat."

Rocky Mountain Trefoil Beef

"Researchers at Utah State University are exploring the use of tannin-containing legumes as a method for finishing cattle to address environmental and efficiency concerns associated with the most common current beef production systems."

Urban Edibles: Ornamentals

"Who says the only place for city dwellers to pick up their daily dose of vegetables is the local farmers market or grocer? Some of the produce you need and enjoy is available to you in your own backyard and, better yet, is free of cost!"

Urban Edibles: Weeds

"They invade your garden, tap your soil’s precious nutrients and grow quicker than lightning strikes. If you can’t beat them, eat them! Increase your garden’s yield by identifying the edible weeds and adding them to your harvest."


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Local Food Systems: Concepts, Impacts, and Issues

"This comprehensive overview of local food systems explores alternative definitions of local food, estimates market size and reach, describes the characteristics of local consumers and producers, and examines early indications of the economic and health i...

Rural Connections: Food Security in the Western U.S.

"IN THIS ISSUE: Food Insecurity in the Western States; Understanding Farm Worker Food (in)Security in California; Rural Collaboration Works to Build Higher Skill Levels; Food Insecurity and Stress Among Children in the Western U.S.; Farm to School; Market...

Additional Journal Articles & Reports