What small wind technologies are available for your home? How can you reduce your monthly energy bill by making small changes? Find the answers to these questions and more by browsing the information on this energy page.


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Business Sustainability: Moving from Thought to Action

This brief guide will help your businesses develop a sustainability goal, understand the behavior changes necessary to meet your goal, provide successful techniques to achieve those behavior changes, and outline the implementation of a successful plan to ...

Community Solar Dehydrator Plans

As interest in home gardening and self-sufficiency surged during the pandemic, many are looking for ways to preserve foods from their newfound harvests. This fact sheet provides an overview of how to build a community solar food dehydrator for food preser...

Rural Connections: Our Energy Future

IN THIS ISSUE: The Energy Future of Rural America; Ten-Year Energy Vision-Western Governors' Association Energy Initiative; Energy in a Global Economy; The Sociology of Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Renewable Energy: Implications for Rural Development and Rur...

Wind Power in Utah

Among renewable energy resources, wind power is the “most mature” and “cost effective”. People have been using wind power for over 3,000 years and have been generating electrical power from wind for approximately 120 years.

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An short video about biochar, which is created through biomass. Biochar can be used for carbon sequestration.

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