049: Relationship Repair: More Than Fighting Fair

Podcast Guest: Laura Silverstein
049 More Than Fighting Fair

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On Today’s episode of the Stronger Marriage Connection, we dive deep into disagreements with our guest, Laura Silverstein, who is a certified Gottman couples' therapist. Discover with Dave and Liz all kinds of tips to help couples manage differences in their marriage shared by Laura.

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Laura Silverstein

1:47 – Conflict is not a bad thing in marriage

4:00 – The number one communication problem in couple relationships

6:21 – Two parts to establishing new habits

11:11 – Four horsemen – John Gottman

14:55 – What to do when both partners continue to be critical

18:27 – How to repair damages within a partnership

23:50 – Ownership, humility and kindness

27:05 – A little about Laura’s book workbook

29:07 – Key to a stronger marriage connection

31:35 – Takeaway’s

Insights and Invites


Dave: It takes humility, compassion, understanding and awareness when rebuilding something that has fallen. Take the time to slow things down and really look at things from a wider perspective

Liz: Take ownership, be humble and stay kind when working through a repair in couple relationships

Laura: It is important to have humility and stay humble when we enter loving relationships, no matter the challenges at hand


  • Take ownership, have humility and be kind. Those are key things to effectively repair a relationships
  • When things start to escalate, it is good to ask for a break – take a time out and revisit later
  • Two parts to learn – learning how to avoid conflict in the first place, if possible, and understanding how to get out of it once you are stuck

About Laura Silverstein:

Laura Silverstein is Certified Gottman Couples therapist as well as a recognized thought leader in the field of relationship wellness, sought out for her expert advice from media outlets such as, the New York Times and the today's show. In her book, Love is an action verb, Laura helps couples focus on their strengths instead of their problems and guides them with small step by step action plans.

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