047: How to Escape the Dating Game

Podcast Guest: Julie Balkman
047: How to Escape the Dating Game

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On today’s episode of the stronger marriage connection, Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz sit down with life coach Julie Balkman and discuss the dating game when it comes to relationships and how to get out of the game and develop healthy happy relationships without the runaround.  

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Julie Balkman?  

2:01 – Getting into coaching  

5:47 – Thinking that gets us stuck  

7:28 – Playing the dating game can be confusing  

8:30 – Being in a “situationship” 

9:28 – CCQ: Clear, Concise, Quick 

14:04 – Largest obstacles for dating today 

17:36 – Good tips on connecting in dating 

18:33 – Two things to look for in a partner 

21:22 – Some practical tips and tools  

23:22 – Decision making success system  

25:27 – Dating Interview Project  

28:42 – Key to a stronger marriage connection  

30:05 – Where to find more resources  

31:50 – Takeaways  

Insights and Invites


Julie: Be responsible: being responsible is sexy, romantic, confident, peaceful, and loving. When you are responsible you create a better life for yourself and your significant other.  

Dave: It is critical to have a willingness to learn. It is ok to accept different things and want to learn and change, especially within a relationship.  

Liz: I love the idea of CCQ, clear concise and quick.  


  • Invite me to share my Dating Map Presentation as a guest speaker. I love speaking and teaching to any size audience.  
  • I have 1:1 coaching packages, plus a VIP acceleration package, which I would love to tell about. VIP: 6 weeks, 6 days a week, 20 minutes each day.  
  • Start with love, learn how to be a receiver of love so you can be ready for a real relationship.  

About Julie Balkman:

Julie Balkman was trained and mentored by 3 life coaching programs which resulted in eight years and thousands of hours in coaching experience. She is an expert panelist for the LDS dating app “Mutual” and is currently writing a book about LDS dating. She was a former co-host of a three-year international young adult support group and is the owner/operator of the 100 interviews project, a project involving 120 young adults interviewed about dating. She is an artist and illustrator and loves to dance! 

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