088: Building Trust and Emotional Safety

Podcast Guest: Kyle Barth

088: Building Trust and Emotional Safety

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In this episode of the Stronger Marriage Connection Podcast, hosts Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale sit down with licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Kyle Barth. They discuss the foundation of healthy relationships, focusing on trust, boundaries, and overcoming obstacles. Kyle Barth shares his professional journey and personal insights into creating safe, connected, and value-based relationships. Listeners will gain valuable tools and perspectives for improving their relationships and understanding the complexities of trauma and trust.

The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of the Utah Marriage Commission.”

Time Markers

00:00 - Introduction to the episode and guest, Kyle Barth. 
01:39 - Kyle shares his journey to becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist. 
04:02 - The importance of understanding trauma in couples therapy. 
05:08 - How couples can build a safe, connected, and value-based relationship. 
08:11 - Why "How do we build trust?" can be the wrong question to ask. 
10:40 - The role of choice in building trust. 
12:46 - Different sources of trauma and their impacts. 
14:54 - Understanding and setting healthy boundaries in marriage. 
17:35 - Handling triggers and emotional reactions. 
21:34 - Examples of couples creating the marriage of their dreams. 
26:44 - Overcoming obstacles to achieving a dream relationship. 
31:32 - The importance of transparency and honesty in therapy. 
33:03 – Kyle's key to a stronger marriage connection. 
37:02 – Kyle’s takeaway of the day. 
38:04- Liz's takeaway of the day.  
38:51- Dave's takeaway of the day.  




You're capable of having the relationship of your dreams, no matter your current situation or past experiences. Whether you're 60 years old and have never been married, have never had a long-term relationship, or have been divorced three times, you can still achieve that dream relationship. It may not look like what you envisioned earlier in life or even right now, but it can become a reality for you. It might require letting go of past relationships or changing how you've been doing things, but you're capable of making it happen. 


One thing that might stand out about ways of thinking is the concept of the marriage of your dreams. Initially, you might think of a fairy tale, like a Disney ending with music, dancing, and everyone focusing on the couple. However, that's not reality. The marriage of your dreams can  mean feeling safe, happy, and connected, with your partner as your best friend, by your side through all the ups and downs. That's what many truly want and long for. 


We are always changing, and I think that's really great. To try something new, we often talk about marriage 2.0, but I've even had a couple say this is marriage 10.0 because of constant change. We need to be willing to let go of old patterns. Just as our internal bodies and organs are changing, we are part of that process, and we need to embrace it intentionally in our marriages. 

About Kyle Barth:

I'm not your typical relationship therapist. Yes, I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist with over a decade of experience, but here's the twist: I've been through divorce myself. Unexpected, right? Life has a funny way of steering us in unexpected directions. However, this experience further ignited my passion to help others build safe, secure, and connected relationships. My mission is to empower individuals to cultivate confidence and foster healthy, empowering, and connected relationships. By incorporating trauma-informed and evidenced based therapy practices, I create a safe haven for healing, honesty, and growth. I'll walk alongside you as you rewrite the script of your story. But beyond my role as a therapist, my proudest title is "dad." Nothing brings me more joy than spending quality time with my kids. When I'm not immersed in the world of therapy, I indulge my love for the great outdoors, cheer on the Utah Jazz, and love reading. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, unlocking your potential for meaningful connections and personal growth. You matter! 

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