085: Resources for Positivity

Podcast Guest: David Schramm

085: Resources for Positivity

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In Episode 85 of "Stronger Marriage Connection," Dr. Dave Schramm talks with Dr. Liz about his extensive experience and the wealth of resources available for enhancing family and marital relationships. He shares insights on various tools and methods, such as positive psychology and educational resources, aimed at helping individuals improve their happiness and relational dynamics. This episode serves as a valuable resource for anyone looking to foster better relationships and personal growth.

The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of the Utah Marriage Commission.”

Time Markers

00:00- Overview of Dave’s work over the past 20 years, focusing on resources provided by USU extension to support families and relationships. 
00:45 - Dave’s long-standing contributions to the field. 
01:33 – Dave's career and inspiration.  
03:55 – Dave's role in providing education beyond traditional settings. 
04:51 - Creating impactful educational materials and resources available online. 
09:26 - Dave’s role in Utah Governor Spencer Cox’s initiative on promoting better disagreement practices. 
12:38 - Strategies and tips for dealing with bullying effectively, emphasizing non-confrontational approaches. 
15:29 - Utah Marriage Commission Resources: including assessments and eCourses for relationship enhancement. 
19:42 - Dave’s Approach to Positive Psychology. 
22:19 - Digital platforms and social media.  
24:20 - Introduction of a new journal designed to support college students’ mental health and success. 
28:44 - The impact of journaling on student well-being. 
31:23 – Dave’s takeaway of the day. 
33:39- Mallory's takeaway of the day.  
34:27- Liz's takeaway of the day.  



Small, frequent actions are important in improving one's life. There is an abundance of virtual resources available today for support in various aspects of life, such as parenting and marriage. As an extension specialist, Dave’s role involves curating and recommending the best research-based resources to the public, ensuring that people have access to high-quality support materials. 



The journal is a great resource for college students. We might not think the drip, drip, drip is enough, but just a little bit, consistently. It goes a very long way. 

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