077: Prioritizing Fun In Your Marriage

Podcast Guest: Amberly Lambertsen
077: Prioritizing Fun In Your Marriage

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In this podcast Dave and Liz talk with Amberly Lambertsen about the importance of prioritizing fun in your relationship. From laughing at the little things and making time for fun date nights to sharing silly memes to planning and talking about your next fun getaway. Couples who laugh and play together are more likely to stay together. 


2:04—Who’s Amberly Lambertsen 
4:27—How do we prioritize fun? 
5:52—What is a fun marriage look like? 
8:06—When life gets heavy and serious, how do you still prioritize fun? 
11:39—Making time to smile and laugh 
12:36—How to get out of a relationship rut 
16:14—Dave’s silent disco- finding fun that fits 
17:27—Ways to start a conversation about having more fun and excitement 
19:58—The anticipation the looking forward to and planning for fun 
22:43—Is fun an attitude? 
25:55—Resources and links for Amberly  
27:22—Amberly’s key to a stronger marriage connection 
28:29—Amberly’s takeaway 
29:14—Liz’s takeaway 
29:37—Dave’s takeaway 


Insights and Invites


Amberly’s: Just find one thing you can do today to have fun together. What's one thing you can do this week, or you can do today to have fun together, and then do it again tomorrow and find something new or find something old, whatever that is just take an opportunity to have fun.  

Dave’s: Make your relationship a priority. If you don't, then you naturally have this natural flow to isolation that you naturally will drift apart. So, couples who are intentionally creating the fun, whether it's spontaneous or let's plan something, those are the couples who I think will thrive rather than just trying to survive in their in their marriages and their relationships. 

Liz’s: There’s no one I'd rather laugh with than my husband. I love laughing with him. He is one of my favorite people to laugh with. And I really want it to continue to be that safe harbor for him.

About Amberly Lambertsen:

Amberly Lambertsen is a Certified Family Life Educator. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies and her Master's of Education with an emphasis in Family Life Education. Amberly has a specific passion for marriage relationships and helping couples make their marriage a priority throughout every stage of life. She believes that by making time for the personal and romantic side of your marriage every day you are creating a strong foundation for the other pieces of your partnership to thrive and your relationship to last a lifetime. In addition to creating a long lasting marriage, Amberly believes couples should create a relationship they enjoy and want to continue to be part of. With creative date night solutions, tips for increased emotional and physical intimacy, ideas for creating more fun, and practical ways couples can focus on their marriage, Amberly helps couples make time to build and enjoy their marriage relationship every single day throughout every stage of life. 

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