074: Faith and Marriage 

Podcast Guest: David Dollahite
074: Faith and Marriage

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In this Episode

David joins Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale to discuss the connection of faith and marriage. 


0:00 – Introduction: Who is David Dollahite? 
2:24 – Marriage and Religion research 
8:25 – Defining the Religion, Religiosity and Spirituality 
11:24 – Dating applications 
14:58 – Change in faith 
21:51 – Betrayal of faith 
23:51 – Influence on the family  
26:13 – Relational advice 
30:51 – What is the key to a stronger marriage connection? 
34:33– Takeaways   


Insights and Invites


“Personal religious choices, beliefs, values, commitments, obviously impact individuals but they also strongly impact other people; siblings, parents, couples, kids or spouses, kids." -Dave Dollahite  

"I think when each person in a marriage is humble about their own perspectives, their own attitudes, their own ideas about what should happen in a marriage, I think humility is sort of that, that core virtue that allows people to see good, see truth, see meaning and value in the other person." -Dave Dollahite  


  • Learn more about how shared religion can bring you closer to your partner. 
  • Find time to chat with your partner about both humility and commitment in your relationship.  

About David Dollahite:

Dr. David Dollahite, is a professor of family life at Brigham Young University. He received an MS and MFT and as a family life coach. He is co director of the American families of faith project. He has more than 200 publications for scholarly and public audiences. He has written or edited nine books on Family Life and Religion, including Home Centered Gospel learning and Living Strengths and Diverse Families of Faith, Religion and Families, and Successful Marriages and Families among other books. He and his wife Mary had been married for 40 years and have seven children and four grandchildren. 

David’s Resources 

Website: americanfamiliesoffaith.byu.edu 

YouTube: American Families of Faith 

Podcast: American Families of Faith Project 

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