070: Sex Is For Women

Podcast Guest: Ariel Finlinson
070: Sex Is For Women

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In this Episode

Ariel joins Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale to discuss the complex dynamics of sex in a relationship and how women can feel empowered in their sexuality.

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Ariel Finlinson?
4:10 – Sexual arousal
8:30 – Recognizing desire
9:33 – The effect of gender stereotypes
12:16 – Motherhood stereotypes
15:56 – New definition of Sex
17:59 – Patience to learn
21:01 – High potential for women
23:29 – Ariel’s Resources
25:33 – What is the key to a stronger marriage connection?
27:05 – Takeaways


Insights and Invites


“I think just recognizing number one, that it is a really important part of your relationship to foster. And then number two, that it isn't all of your relationship but with that connection and sex, you are going to be able to have a more thriving and flourishing and beautiful empowering relationship than you thought possible.” -Ariel Finlinson 22:38-22:57

“To ask ourselves as women "Where did I get my information?" Where did I get this belief that sex is for men, for instance, or that ‘good girls don't,’ right? Many of us have heard through the years? Where did I get that information? And can I explore something different?” -Dr. Liz Hale 28:44-29:00


About Ariel Finlinson:

Ariel Finlinson is a women's sexuality educator and the host of the ladies talking love podcast. She recently earned her master's in Human Development and Family Studies at Utah State University. A native of northern Wisconsin, she can't get enough of forests or fresh squeaky cheese curds. Her online course from pressure to passion empowers women to live up to the joy and fulfillment they deserve in their relationships. She is currently living in Utah with her husband, Kyle, and their four young children.

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