069: Struggling with Inadequacy

Podcast Guest: Natasha Dansie
Struggling with Inadequuecy

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Natasha joins Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale to talk about the struggles that women face with feelings of inadequacy and simple tips to overcoming these feelings.


0:00 – Introduction: Who is Natasha Dansie?
1:47 – “I’m not good enough”
5:45 – Difference between men and women
6:41 – Steps to manage feelings of inadequacy
9:59 – Worry Work
15:08 – Delegation and vulnerability
17:00 – Positive Vortex via gratitude
20:24 – Husband’s help
22:36 – Observe and serve
23:56 – Arise workshop
25:23 – What is the key to a stronger marriage connection?
27:57 – Takeaways

Insights and Invites


"It's hard to be grateful and resentful.” -Dr. Liz Hale

“Observe and then serve.” -Dr. Dave Schramm

“One of the actions that I've personally seen the power of in my own life is the intentional practice of gratitude. So when I feel my stuff, my brain starts slipping into this negative vortex that starts to get dark. And I just have to pause. And when I start practicing gratitude, it's like, I can reverse the effects of that.” -Natasha Dansie


  • Find a moment to pause after you have a feeling of inadequacy.
  • If someone shares the way that they are feeling, instead of stating why they shouldn’t be feeling that way, validate their feelings by saying something like, “that must be really difficult” or “I see how you could feel that way.”

About Natasha Dansie:

Natasha offers concrete tips and real life examples of everyday interactions that often lead to mothers thinking they aren't enough. Natasha Dansie is a certified family life educator. She has taught relationship education classes through Utah State University for the past 11 years, working with a variety of audiences from high school students and retreats for women to inmates in the maximum security unit and everything in between. She loves traveling, learning and snuggling. Natasha and her husband Jeff are raising their five children ages 7 to 19 alongside a variety of farm animals in central Utah.

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