066: Overcoming Sexual Frustration

Podcast Guest: Tammy Hill
066: Overcoming Sexual Frustration

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On today’s episode of the stronger marriage connection, Dave and Liz with Tammy Hill, educator, LMFT, ASSECT, and author discuss how to overcome rejection, desire difference, and stale sex. Explore new ways to replenish your partner and build beauty in your sexual connection.

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Tammy Hill?  

5:00 – Replenish: Creating Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage - Tammy Hill’s book.

7:03 – Getting on the same page about sex as a couple.

9:06 – Tammy’s tips to improve your sexual relationship. 

12:23 – Roadblocks to having great sex.  

13:30 – How do I make sex exciting again? - Touch Love Connect club

16:20 – What does making love look like?  

17:02 – Does scheduling sex work? 

19:53 – Showing up for your partner.

23:10 – The power to harm or heal.   

24:18 – Tips to overcome roommate syndrome.   

26:25 – Tammy Hill’s resources  

32:50 – What is tantric sex? 

36:55 – Where to find Tammy Hill 

37:37 – Invest in you being a stronger you! 

38:44 – Takeaways

Insights and Invites


Tammy: Humans are created with a capacity to have amazing sexual pleasure. Push yourself to learn how to replenish each other.  

 Dave: Make time to intentionally have sex with your partner.   

 Liz: Monogamous does not have to mean monotonous.


  • Instead of waiting for your partner to change, recognize the part you play in conflict and seek to change it without any guarantee that your partner will do the same. You may find that your partner’s response to your change is exactly what you hoped. 
  • Examine whether there is contempt in your relationship. If you “horibilize” your partner by objectifying them and only seeing their faults and their weaknesses, you might be guilty of contempt. 
  • As yourself, “ If I were to give my whole heart to my partner, what would it occur to me to do?”. Be still and then heed that inner call to connect. 

About Tammy Hill:

Tammy Hill is passionate about strengthening marriage relationships. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an active member of the American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists (ASSECT). Tammy enjoys being an adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University in the School of Family Life where she teaches hundreds of students each semester in Marriage Preparation, Marriage Enhancement and Healthy Sexuality in Marriage courses.  Tammy owns a private counseling practice where she largely works with couples. She has free resources available on her website (http://www.tammyhill.com) where she also offers numerous Making Love Retreats, Honeymoon Workshops and Dating Bootcamps each year. Published in 2021, Tammy’s first book, “God Made Girls and Boys” is a beautiful children’s book addressing agency, gender, accountability, and hope in our Heavenly Parent’s eternal plan. Her second book, “Replenish: Creating Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage”, was published earlier this year. Most importantly Tammy is forever grateful to be a wife, mother and grandmother. 

Dr. Jeff Hill, is a professor at Brigham Young University for the School of Family Life. He teaches Family Finance classes, is the author of the book, “Fundamentals of Family Finance: Living Joyfully Within Your Means” and helped develop the Personal Finance Component of the Provident Living Curriculum for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Although he is a master with money, he also enjoys studying, teaching, and practicing Eastern-style sexuality.  

Together Jeff and Tammy currently have 12 children, 38 grandchildren, and just recently became empty nesters. 

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