065:  Christmas Memories and Traditions

Featuring: Dr. Dave & Dr. Liz065: Christmas Memories and Traditions

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In this Episode

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. Today, Liz, Dave, and Rex share family traditions, memories of celebrations past, and relationship insights.

December is a time of celebration for many that include cultural traditions. The holidays can be many things for many people: great joy, chaos, solemn reflection or new beginnings. Join us as we discuss Christmas memories, traditions, and share some tips to help you navigate your relationship during the holidays.

0:00 – Introduction
01:48 – Recognizing & Reflecting The Positive
04:20 – Reach out to Loved Ones
05:09 – Favorite Christmas Traditions
09:40 – Holiday Food
11:05 – Holiday Advice
12:55 – Dave’s Advice
15:04 – Rex’s Advice
17:58 – Twixmas
18:36 – Dave Twixmas
20:26 – December Drift
21:36  – Rex’s Crunch Time and Drift Tips
22:42 – Taking Stock and Planning Ahead
23:35 – Dave’s Tips for Planning Ahead
26:44 – Change it Up and Navigating the Holidays in Challenging Times
28:03 – Think of Others, Serving, and Giving
29:20 – Take Aways
31:50 – Mail Bag
32: 45 – Well Wishes

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