063:  A Parents Guide to Answering Questions About Sex

Podcast Guest: Stacy Goulding
063: A Parents Guide to Answering Questions About Sex

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Stacy Goulding joins Dr. Dave Schramm to discuss how she is able to help educate youth about reproductive health. She also shares some tips for couples to have positive  intimate relationships.

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Stacy Goulding?
2:28 – Intentionally teaching sexuality
4:45 – Public School Teaching
6:30 – Early Conversations
10:16 – Developmental Learning
12:25 – Dos and Don’ts for Parents
15:51 – How to confront exposure to sexual situations
18:46 – Adult love
19:05 – Boundaries
21:51 – Sexual Intimacy Course
24:12 – Modeling for children
25:48 – Positive view of sex
27:18 – Sexual Safety
30:51 – Masturbation and pornography
33:33 – Key to a stronger marriage connection
34:22 – Stacy’s Resources
38:33 – Takeaways

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“And it's really simple. And you can also approach it from, ‘where do babies come from,’ and you start small and grow with your kids' development.” -Stacy Goulding

“I think overall being authentic is really important. It's okay to tell your kid I've never given a sex talk before where I wasn't given the sex talk before or I'm feeling nervous, because this is my first time or I don't want to say it wrong. But you can say those things. And just say, but this is so important, I think it is worth going through the awkward or the uncomfortable to discuss this.” -Stacy Goulding


  • Look at the courses that Stacy has to offer on her website.
  • If you have children, start today by talking positively about their bodies and the ways that you show affection with your partner.
  • Learn about consent and how you can implement asking for consent in your relationship or marriage.

About Stacy Goulding:

Stacy is a licensed health educator that has spent the last decade teaching at-risk youth about reproductive health. She's passionate about preparing couples for a positive intimate relationship in their marriage. She believes everyone deserves comprehensive research based information about how the body works. Thus her true intimacy class was created. She's currently developing a class for parents to teach kids of all ages about healthy sexuality. She also was a wellness coach specializing in women and postpartum wellness. In addition to teaching Stacy loves cycling, dancing, kayaking, pickleball and classic rock. She resides in Utah with her husband and two sons.

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