062:  Dealing with Changes and Transitions in Marriage and Relationships

Podcast Guest: Laura Parry
062: Dealing with Changes and Transitions in Marriage and Relationships

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In this Episode

Laura Parry joins Dr. Dave Schramm to discuss tips that help couples to transition to parenthood. Laura shares her insight and experience on how partners can support each other
during this stressful time.

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Laura Parry?
2:15 – Roots and Branches
3:23 – Healing Modalities
5:57 – Healthy Transition Tip: Self Compassion
8:42 – When do I seek help?
10:36 – Partner Support: Be a SHRIMP
17:00 – Realistic Expectations
18:44 – It is about both partners
19:34 – The role of yoga in healing
22:20 – Faith transitions
26:30 – How can I be helpful for someone in a faith transition?
28:55 – Grieving a change in faith
33:53 – Getting to therapy together
36:05 – What is the key to a stronger marriage connection?
37:21 – Laura’s Resources
38:33 – Takeaways

Insights and Invites


“I would want people to know that your relationship can not just survive, but you can thrive even if there's been a change and relationship and faith in religion.” - Laura Parry

“I also want women to know that this is a vulnerable time for them, it can be a hard time, obviously, it comes with a lot of excitement and joy to hopefully, but that they're allowed to feel the whole range of emotions that come with a transition as big as having a baby.” -Laura Parry


  • Check out the resources at rootsbranceswellness.com
  • If you’re preparing to have a baby, sit down with your partner to talk about the SHRIMP acronym and talk about your expectations for when the baby arrives.
  • Learn more about understanding faith transitions by talking with someone who has gone  or is going through one.

About Laura Parry:

Laura holds a Master's of Social Work from the University of Utah, and in 2019 became certified in perinatal mental health. In addition to helping clients through the perinatal period, she enjoys working with those experiencing faith transitions. She earned a clinical yoga certification in 2021 and loves using the healing power of yoga, nature and therapy for clients and for herself. She lives in Lehi with her husband, three kids, two cats, and one dog and loves reading, hiking and playing the piano.

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