061: Balancing a Blended Family and Sharing a Business

Podcast Guests: Kevin and Tracy Parr
061: Balancing a Blended Family

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In this Episode

Kevin and Tracy Parr joining Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale to talk about their experience in a blended family and 28 years of marriage. 

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Kevin and Tracy?
1:59 -  Business management in a marriage
4:43 – How Kevin and Tracy got together
6:51 – The challenges of the first years
14:40 – Lessons learned
17:29 – Unity in marriage 
21:35 – Doubts and differences
24:51 – Turning against each other
26:35 – Challenges with Exes
29:55 – Not feeling threatened
31:14 – What is the key to a stronger marriage connection? 
35:28 – Takeaways  

Insights and Invites


“Every now and then we just had to figure that it was okay to completely, totally disagree about something, and table it for a while.” -Kevin Parr

“I feel that you need to stay connected with your spouse and in all the things that you do.” -Tracy Parr

“One of the authors we had on recently, Ted Lowe would say this favorite phrase, which I really coined is "I would feel the same way if I were you." Which is probably true, right?” -Dr. Liz Hale


  • Find a new resource; a book, podcast or instagram page that will help you to learn more about what you and your spouse are wanting to work on.
  • In parenting, remember to not take your child’s feeling of sadness or anger as personal attacks against you. 

About Kevin and Tracy:

Kevin and Tracy Parr have been married for 28 years and run a business together in St. George, UT. They have 3 kids together with two that struggle with mental health illnesses. They have years of experience working through differences and the difficulties of re-marriage. Kevin and Tracy have been nicknamed “velcro” because of the way they enjoy doing everything together. 

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