058: Parenting With Purpose: Family Coaching

Podcast Guest: Dr. Kim Allen
058: Parenting with Purpose

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Kim Allen joins Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale to talk about Family Life Coaching. She talks about what it is, what it isn't, and even a few examples and stories of clients she's worked with.

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Kim Allen?
3:00 – What is Family Life Education
5:54 – Working with families
8:34 – Systems approach
12:04 – How do I become a Family Life Coach?
14:29 – Coaching credentials
16:32 – How can I find a Family Life Coach?
19:21 – Skills of a great coach
22:34 – Coaching with parents
23:58 – Kim’s Resources
24:48 – Takeaways

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“So really at its core family life coaching is taking what we know in Family Science about what's good in couple relationships, what's good and family relationships and partnering that with the process from coaching psychology.” - Dr. Kimberly Allen

“You said the words listening for instead of listening to. You listen for feelings, you're listening for strengths, and just trying to see things from their perspective” - Dr. Dave Schramm


  • Learn more about Family Life Coaching on the FLC Association’s website.
  • Consider reaching out to a Family Life Coach to help you to improve your interpersonal relationships.

About Dr. Kim Allen:

Dr. Kimberly Allen is Interim Associate Dean and Director of Academic Programs and Professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at North Carolina State University, as well as CO creator of the family life coaching Association, and co-owner of Sweet Gestalt LLC. Dr. Allen has over 20 years experience working with youth and their families. Her research interests include family life coaching, student success, parenting and relationship Education. Dr. Allen is author of the book “Theory, Research and Practical Guidelines for Family Life Coaching.”

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Organization Website: flcassociation.org
Personal Website: drkimallen.com

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