056: Saving a Second Marriage from Divorce

Podcast Guest: Michael and Heidi Condie
056: Saving a Second Marriage from Divorce

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In this Episode

Mike and Heidi Condie join Dr. Dave Schramm and Dr. Liz Hale to talk about their experience from almost separating to having a strong healthy marriage. Mike and Heidi vouch
that if they can get through the challenges that they have worked through, then anyone can.

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Ted Lowe?
2:07 – What are couples with great marriages doing?
4:47 – The importance of a growth mindset
8:20 –“Fred in my head”
15:47 – What is your narrative about your spouse?
20:45 – Valuing your partner’s emotion
24:11 – Empathy leads to logic
28:50 – The power of a pause
34:26 – What is the purpose of marriage?
37:25 – What is the key to a stronger marriage connection?
38:00 – Ted’s Resources
38:59 – Takeaways0:00 – Introduction: Who are Mike and Heidi Condie?
1:29 – Families meet
6:31 – Reflection on past problems
9:24 – The decision to seek therapy
12:44 – The hardest and darkest time
19:04 – Communication of appreciation
25:48 – Forgiveness is key
28:42 – Advice for second marriages
33:34 – What is the key to a stronger marriage connection?
35:53 – Influence of others
37:46 – Humility is the foundation for improvement
39:55 – Stronger marriage established 

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“You know me and you still love me? I don't think it gets any better than that” - Dr. Liz Hale

“And she said, but what I can tell you is, whatever skills or things you don't learn how to resolve in this marriage. I promise you, you will have the same issues in the next relationship.” -Heidi Condie

“And I think even before the work is humility, being open and recognizing that I need to work.” -Dr. Dave Schramm

“And it was the love for each other that we had for each other, that was the most important.” -Mike Condie


  • - Rate the strength of your relationship this week on a scale of 1 to 10, then ask your partner what you can do to show up a little bit better for them.
  • Create a gratitude book where you and your partner can randomly list things that you are grateful for about your partner. Place the book in a central location in your home.

About Michael and Heidi Condie:

Mike and Heidi are a couple from Liz's private practice who were on the brink of divorce. They were suffocating from stress and challenges related to their remarriage and stepfamily and were spiraling downward in negative communication patterns. Together with Liz's guidance, they put in the work starting with themselves and then continued to fight for their marriage instead of against each other. Their journey has been truly inspiring.

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