052: The Magic of Matchmaking

Podcast Guest: Aleeza Ben Shalom
052:The Magic of Matchmaking

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On today's episode, the Netflix hit Aleeza Ben Shalom, from “Jewish Matchmaking” joins Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz to discuss the magic of matchmaking. Discover what matchmaking is, if it is for you, and how you can build a better marriage based on lessons Aleeza uses during matchmaking. We hope you enjoy!

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Aleeza Ben Shalom?
7:12 – Tools for matchmaking with your soul mate.
9:03 – What makes the best match?: Soul mate potential baseline.
13:50 – Is there something better out there?
16:00 – Stories of making the match. 
18:14 – Handling challenges with your partner.
19:05 – Aleeza’s marital success stories.
21:57 – Benefits of hiring a matchmaker. 
23:45 – "Mystery in your history” 
24:50 – Where can I learn about matchmaking?
27: 15 – What is the key to a stronger marriage connection?
29:00 – Aleeza’s resources
29: 30 – Takeaways  

Insights and Invites


Dave: There are many factors that make us a good match with the people around us. 

Liz: Have hope that there is a person out there for you!

Aleeza: World peace begins at home. Do your best to love yourself and build a family. 


  •  Listen to the matchmaker, matchmaker podcast and find a topic that you love, have a discussion with your partner.
  • Write down what your values, beliefs, attractions, bothers and fears are. Reflect on how these could affect your future dating and marriage experiences. 

About Aleeza Ben Shalom:

Aleeza Ben Shalom is a renowned matchmaker, dating coach, author, sought-after speaker, and soulmate clarity expert who empowers marriage-minded singles to find and identify the one. She guides them from uncertainty and overwhelm to the clarity needed for confident decision-making regarding their potential life partners. Aleeza is the featured Matchmaker on Season 1 of the new Netflix series Jewish Matchmaking.

Aleeza authored two insightful books, Get real, Get Married-a guide to get over your hurdles and under the chuppah, and Virtual Dating, your guide to relationships in a socially distanced world. As the founder of Marriage Minded Mentor, a company who focuses on helping singles get married, she connects singles globally with skilled matchmakers and dating coaches. Aleeza’s impressive track record has earned her the title of “Jewish Dating Guru,” as she has successfully led over 200 singles through the steps to engagement, regardless of age, affiliation, or life stage.

For over 15 years, Aleeza has worked with men and women worldwide to break unhealthy patterns and foster relationships that lead to marriage. During this time, she has trained more than 350 dating coaches and matchmakers worldwide.
She now lives in Israel with her husband, five children and a lovable dog!

Aleeza Ben Shalom Links:

IG @Aleezabenshalom
Fb /aleezabenshalom

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