051: Beating the Odds in Marriage

Podcast Guest: Lee Baucom
051: Beating the Odds in Marriage

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On today's episode, Dr. Lee Baucom joins us, and we have a great discussion about intentionality and actively creating a stronger marriage connection both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Join Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz in this journey on strengthening marriage connection, relationships, and personal values.  

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Lee Baucom 

2:30 – Number one concern for new couples 

5:12 – Shifts you need to make in the first year of marriage  

9:08 – Pause button marriage 

12:52 – Difference in how you communicate vs communication skills  

14:25 – The arc of disconnection  

16:14 – Three levels of connection  

18:58 – Intentionality is important  

22:14 – What can you do to reconnect? 

25:51 – Difference between marriage fail point and individual fail point 

28:30 – Husbands bootcamp  

31:36 – There is intentionality behind everything  

35:28 – Key component to a stronger marriage connection 

38:06 – Resources  

39:07 – Takeaways   

Insights and Invites


Dave: Lack of attention leads to loss of connection. Physical, emotional, and spiritual connection all have an impact on your partner, what will you do to strengthen those areas? 

Liz: The key of the “We” and having each other’s backs, we all want someone to get us and know us. You are in this together.  

Lee: Remember the pause button, did you hit pause and what is it going to take to un-pause it. Get more intentional about connecting from a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. Take action.  


  • Shift from “you and me” to “we”. Remember that you are a team, and it is important to acknowledge those struggles as a team. 
  • Mature relationships are not without the feelings of romance and passion but include communications and connection 
  • Husband bootcamp is a video bootcamp structured over 30 days to get into shape and address the wounds that men carry around with them that can get in the way of relationships 

About Lee Baucom:

Dr. Lee Baucom is internationally known for his methods and approaches to saving marriages. For three decades, Lee has been helping people around the world save, restore, and create the marriage they deserve and desire. He's the author of the book, “How to save your marriage in three simple steps”, in addition to six other books, and he's the creator of the highly effective internet Marriage program. Save the marriage. Lee is also the host of two popular podcast Thrive nation and save the marriage. 

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