048: The Seven Primal Questions

Podcast Guest: Mike Foster
048: The 7 Primal Questions

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On today’s episode of the Stronger Marriage Connection, learn about the 7 primal questions that all humans are seeking to answer if their lives, careers and especially their relationships. Discover with Dave, Liz and Mike how to remedy these questions and understand their answers and how that works in your life. 

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Mike Foster?   

2:02 – What is the primal question model? 

5:17 – The 7 Primal Questions 

9:09 – How does understanding these questions apply to marriage? 

13:38 – Satellite questions 

15:14 – How does the primal question model apply to parenting? 

18:12 – Understanding the importance of seeking emotional intelligence  

20:19 – Safeguarding the scramble 

22:48 – How does answering the primal question affect communication?   

27:26 – The 7 Primal Questions assessment   

30:24 – What is the most common primal question?  

31:45 – Key to a stronger marriage connection   

32:37 – Where to find more resources   

34:16 – Takeaways   

Insights and Invites


Mike: Awareness needs to be moved into action.  

Dave: Be aware of ACE’s and see how we can provide ourselves and other safety, connection and security.  

Liz: Behavior adaptation makes a difference in how we act today.  


  • Ask your spouse how you can answer their primal question with a “yes.” 
  • Sit down with yourself or your spouse and discover which of the 7 primal questions you need to be answered. Share this with your partner and write it down in a journal or safe space where you can review it often.  
  • Seek to understand what your child’s primal question is by talking with your spouse and child about what they need from you as a parent.  
  • Take the assessment @ mikefoster.tv 

About Mike Foster:

Known as the Mr. Rogers of personal development, Mike Foster is a best-selling author, speaker, and executive coach empowering people to build strong lives and relationships.  His new book “The Seven Primal Questions” is a revolutionary new way to understand our emotional needs. Based on over four years of research and 6,000 hours of one-on-one interviews, the Primal Question model will transform your relationship with yourself and others. Mike’s work has been featured on Good Morning America, FOXNews and the New York Times. He lives in San Diego with his wife Jennifer and their fluffy dog.  

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