044: Saving a Marriage On The Brink

Podcast Guest: Sam & Ember Hobi
044: Saving a Marriage on the Brink

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In this Episode

Sam and Ember were on the verge of divorce for several years. They were a couple that Dr. Liz Hale worked with in her private practice, and they are willing to no longer be private but go public and share how they miraculously turned their marriage around from miserable to incredible. 

0:00 – Introduction: Who are Sam and Ember?
2:35 – What is something you wish you would have known before getting married?
4:51 – Contributors to the breakdown of a marriage
9:00 – Sam’s background
11:56 – How can two people experience one marriage differently?
15:45 – Addressing ‘me’ to fix ‘we’
20:00 – Ember’s ah-ha moments toward change
26:01 – Sam’s ah-ha moments toward change
31:00 – Communication strategies
36:43 – The role of forgiveness in healing
41:08 – Strategies to maintain connection
43:14 – Advice for couples on the brink
46:16 – Honesty is a key for a stronger marriage connection. Seek what’s best for the marriage.

Insights and Invites


Sam: Get help. Some issues may be beyond what the two of you can do together. Be honest. You can decide what kind of spouse you want to be.
Ember: Deal with conflict before the weekend. Start your weekend with a clean slate. 


  • Deal with conflict as soon as you can. If there is something bothering you, sit down and have a conversation about it with your partner when you both are in a clear headspace. 
  • Take some time today to evaluate yourself. Is there something you need to forgive yourself for? 
  • Give your partner a hug, a small peck on the cheek, or a squeeze of the hand today. Just a little physical affection can go a long way.

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