038: Navigating the Newlywed Years

Podcast Guest: Jeremy Boden

038: Navigating the Newlywed Years

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Our conversation today is with Dr. Jeremy Boden who talks about the importance realistic and hopeful expectation have in creating a stronger marriage connection. By committing to our partner and being aware of their needs, we can build our relationships in such a way that helps them last beyond the newlywed years. 

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Jeremy Boden?
1:56 – Why would we need relationship education when we love each other so much?
4:59 – Marriage is a loss of some expectations
7:00 – Biggest issues newlyweds face
9:26 – Intentionality is key to avoid “drifting”
11:04 – Adjust expectations
15:40 – Expectations will be adjusted throughout our lives
16:43 – What does commitment look like?
21:55 – Over-reactions can wreck our connections
23:15 – S.T.O.P. technique
24:40 – Resources for newlyweds
26:35 – Keys to a stronger marriage connection – Safe, Seen, and Soothed
29:12 – How to prepare for and navigate the newlywed years
30:38 – How to choose a marriage partner
32:38 – Jeremy’s takeaway: be aware of your partner
33:58 – Liz’s takeaway: there is always hope
35:13 – Dave’s takeaway: exercise mindful awareness

About Jeremy Boden

Dr. Jeremy Boden is an associate professor of family science at Utah Valley University. He teaches courses in marriage and relationships, human sexuality, family dynamics, and couples therapy in the marriage and family therapy program. Jeremy is a licensed marriage and family therapist and maintains a small private practice in Provo, Utah where he specializes in couples and discernment counseling. He's also the owner and director of the Center for Marriage Preparation which helps couples get ready for marriage through his Before We Say I Do program. Jeremy is married to his beautiful and wonderful wife, Daria and they are the parents of four children.

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Jeremy: Help foster a stronger connection with your partner by helping them feel safe, seen, and soothed.
Dave: Compassion is the blood of relationships.
Liz: Expectations for your relationship will always need to be adjusted throughout your life.


  • For the first 5 years of your marriage, commit to reading one marriage book with your partner per year.
  • Connect once a day and date once a week with your partner.
  • Talk with your partner about what expectations might be in your wagon.

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