036: Taking Your Marriage from Good to Great

Podcast Guest: Dr. Terri Orbuch

036: Marriage Good to Great

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Summary: On today’s episode of the stronger marriage connection, Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz sit down with Dr. Terri Orbuch who is also known as the love doctor and discuss taking your marriage from good to great. From communication to frustration to positivity and managing money, Terri breaks things down into practical principles that anyone can apply.   

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Terri Orbuch? 
2:49 – Terri’s research
4:32 – 46% of married couples divorce
5:15 – The positive and optimistic statistic of 71% of divorced couples
7:52 – Affirmations in marriage
9:54 – The biggest reason relationships don’t work is frustration
11:05 – Conflict, disagreements and differences are inevitable
12:34 – We need to make sure we have realistic expectations
14:38 – What is more important to husbands than wives?
16:03 – We need to feel like we are part of a team
18:44 – The 10-minute rule that partners need to practice
21:43 – Excitement and passion declining is inevitable in all relationships
23:15 – Do something new and novel with your partner
25:26 – Three strategies to increase passion and excitement in your relationship
26:37 – It is ok to take a break when you are irritated
28:37 – Keep each issue or specific annoyance separate
30:31 – The number one source of tension or conflict among couples is money
33:00 – Happy couples focus on what’s going well, and focus on the positive
35:21 – Resources
37:22 – Takeaways

About Dr. Terri Orbuch

Dr. Terri Orbuch is a world-renowned relationship expert, author, speaker, therapist, distinguished professor at Oakland University, research scientist at University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research and media personality whose practical science bad advice had helped 1000’s of people find and create the loving relationships they deserve. She is also the director of a landmark study funded by the National Institutes of Health, where she has been following the same couples for over three decades.

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Terri: It is all about the little things, waking up and giving affirmations or actions of affirmations. Spending 10 minutes every single day taking about something other than those four topics.

Dave: The little affirmations and things are powerful.

Liz: Take one issue at a time, your brain gets overloaded and overwhelmed if you try to do too much at once.


  • Take on one issue at a time within your relationship
  • It’s all in the little things, spread daily affirmations to your partner
  • Practice the 10-minute rule with your partner each day

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