030: Tackling Money In Your Marriage

Podcast Guests: Taylor & Megan Kovar

030: Money in Marriage

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On today’s episode of the stronger marriage connection, Dave and Liz sit down with Taylor and Megan Kovar, also known as the money couple, to share the strategies and resources they offer couples in handling money in marriage. Listen in to find out what you can do to avoid financial infidelity and create financial freedom today!

0:00 – Introduction: Who are Taylor & Megan Kovar?
2:15 – How they became “the money couple”
4:55 – The challenge they faced year two of marriage & how they moved forward
6:40 – What are some examples of financial infidelity?
8:21 – How Taylor & Megan describe financial freedom
10:00 – Where should a couple start on their journey toward financial freedom?
12:20 – First step - take the free money personality assessment on their website
14:08 – The five money personalities: how we think & feel about money and life
16:54 – Where do our money personalities come from?
18:24 – What if you & your partner have opposite money personalities?
21:10 – The money personality assessment for kids
23:12 – Why Taylor & Megan don’t pay their children for doing typical chores
25:55 – What are the next steps for a couple struggling with financial infidelity?
27:23 – Get educated! Start at themoneycouple.com
29:46 – Everything ties back to communication
31:39 – Everyday is a choice; wake up and choose to have a stronger marriage
33:35 – Comparison is the thief of joy
35:00 – Megan Kovar’s takeaway: if you want it to get better, it can get better
35:26 – Taylor Kovar’s takeaway: What is your marriage worth? Live by that
36:10 – Liz’s takeaway: Is financial infidelity worth the hurt and loss of intimacy?
37:07 – Dave’s takeaway: Try to understand what money means to your partner; see things from their perspective

About Taylor & Megan Kovar

The Kovar's have been branded as the Money Couple since 2020 after realizing one of the biggest woes couples were having involved money management. With professional money management skills, the Kovars provide resources on budgeting groceries, birthday parties, all the way to retirement. In the past three years, the Kovars have developed awesome pages and platforms: 5 Money Personalities, Financial Infidelity, The Millionaire Marriage Podcast, The Money Couple blog and many other couples’ courses. Through trial and error, the Kovars have developed the right ways to achieve financial freedom, putting family first and enjoying life.

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Taylor: It takes work and some education, but I think no matter what your income level, you can achieve some of that peace that comes with financial freedom.
Megan: One of the things you need to know about yourself is your money personality, because you just don't realize how that affects so many different aspects of your personality as a whole.
Dave: Just because we have money differences, doesn't mean that we can't make it work. It's about understanding, having compassion, simple awareness and trying to see things from our partner/spouses perspective.
Liz: Is financial infidelity worth the loss and hurt of intimacy?


●Make your finances a priority. Pick a time with your spouse to sit down and discuss your finances. Stick it on the calendar and then stick to it.
● Get educated! Discover your money personality by taking the free assessment and then ask your partner to take it as well. Take another assessment to find out if there's
financial infidelity in your relationship and at what level.
● Seek out good mentors, people that are going to speak truth into your life. Don’t just surround yourself with “yes men”. Sometimes we don’t see what we need to work on.

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