028: Embracing Regrets

Featuring: Dr. Dave & Dr. Liz


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In this Episode

Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz Take a deep dive into the topic embracing your regrets.

0:00 – What is regret?

1:32 – Regret indicating a life well lived

3:59 – How do I cope with regrets?

5:48 – Focusing on the positive instead of the negative

8:00 – Three responses to regret 

10:00 – The best way to deal with emotion: Motion

10:47 – Establishing self-compassion

13:00 – Finding the “at least” in life

14:32 – World regret survey: Acknowledging regrets

16:37 – Four core regrets:

17:00 – Foundation regrets

17:55 – Boldness regrets

19:23 – Moral regrets

21:25 – Connection regrets

24:10 – Managing the line between infidelity and friendship with people we are attracted to outside of our marriage.

27:15 – Reimagining regrets in the couple relationship

29:05 – Setting realistic expectations in our relationships

32:24 – Turning regrets into reminders of who we can be

Insights and Invites


Do not let regrets bog us down. They can be a reminder into who we are becoming and how we are learning and growing in our relationships. Living a life filled with shame and guilt is not a productive way to live, but by acknowledging and seeking understanding of your regrets you can develop a greater feeling of peace and happiness in your marriage.


  • Sit down with your partner and have a conversation about regrets. See what your partner regrets and share what you may regret.
  • Practice identifying your regrets as a foundation, boldness, moral or connection regret in your journal.
  • Visit the world regret survey and see what regrets people in your area are experiencing. Find peace and connection through seeing the regrets that others around you may have. Recognize that you are not alone in your regrets.

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