027: Marriage Takes Real Unconditional Love

Podcast Guest: Dr. Greg Baer

027 Unconditional Love Marriage

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In this Episode

Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz Take a deep dive into the topic of unconditional love in marriage with Dr. Greg Baer. Greg shares principles and insights about real love, how it can transform your marriage and parenting. Giving 5 steps to real love. 

0:00 – Who is Dr. Greg Baer? 
2:59 – What is unconditional love? 
4:40 – Conditional love vs unconditional love
6:49 – The ultimate emotional assault – anger 
9:15 – What stops us from making behavioral changes? 
11:27 – Five steps to help eliminate anger in your marriage. 
15:31 – We need to practice telling the truth about ourselves. 
17:30 – We are all starving for unconditional love. 
18:49 – When we are in pain, we will use anything to survive. 
19:54 – Find the right person to love you. 
23:59 – The power of unconditional love in parenting.
25:20 – Expectations in your marriage 
29:49 – The pain of not feeling loved 
35:48 – Key element of a stronger marriage 
37:41 – Takeaways 

About Dr. Greg Baer

For 20 years, Greg Baer was a successful surgeon, teacher, civic leader, and entrepreneur. Despite all these things, Greg didn’t feel happy. In his search for happiness, he learned principles that has changed the lives of thousands. Dr. Baer retired from one of the busiest solo eye surgery practices in the U.S. and began a new career of writing, teaching, and speaking. He has written 18 books about relationships, marriage and parenting and produced all kinds of other trainings. 

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Dr. Greg Baer: Unconditional love, or what I call real love is the key element to a stronger marriage connection.
Dr. Dave: Choose to be a first responder or a nuclear reactor when we feel stress within our relationships. 
Dr. Liz: It’s all about pain, pain makes us insane, it makes us do things we wouldn’t normally do when we are filled with love. 


• Don’t be satisfied with your marriage being just “Okay” 
• Go through the five steps of achieving unconditional love 
• Practice telling the truth about yourself before expecting the truth from others 

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