017: Getting to the Heart of Connection

Podcast Guest: Dr. Wally Goddard

Getting to the Heart of Connection

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In this Episode

Dr. Wally Goddard joins Liz & Dave to explore how humility, curiosity, and understanding are at the heart of true human connection. As we refine our own character, we perceive our partner with new eyes and experience true joy in our relationship. Listen in to understand how irritation can be an invitation.

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Dr. Wally Goddard? 

1:14 – Welcome 

2:22 – Tell us about your book “Discoveries” 

3:25 – What do you love about helping people flourish?  

4:24 – The paradox of self-love 

7:40 – Skills vs. heart in relationships 

9:21 – Irritation is an invitation 

11:17 – Looking inward 

11:53 – Get curious 

12:10 – Why is asking your partner to change ineffective?  

13:49 – Focus on the eighty percent 

19:05– The design of life is growth 

20:01 – The value of understanding 

22:10 – Get peaceful 

25:10 – Humility and Heart  

26:25 – Deep curiosity 

28:15 – What is the key to a stronger marriage connection?  

31:00 – Self-awareness & compassion 

32:22 – Where can I find Wally?  

33:24 – Wally’s Takeaway 

34:02 – Liz’s Takeaway 

34:22 – Dave’s Takeaway 

35:19 – Be a healer 

36:28 – Thanks 

About Dr. Wally Goddard

After receiving a PhD in Family and Human Development from 

Utah State University, Wally was a Professor at Auburn University and later at the University of Arkansas. He created many award-winning programs on personal well-being, marriage, and parenting. 

Wally created and hosted Guiding Children Successfully, a television series for PBS. He has written, edited, or co-authored several books including Discoveries, Between Parent and Child, Drawing Heaven into Your Marriage, The Soft-Spoken Parent, and Finding Joy in Family Life. In 2010, he won the national award for Outstanding Family Life Educator. 

Wally and Nancy have three children and 14 grandchildren. 

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Insights and Invites


Dave: We need to be healers not preachers.  

Liz: Focus on the eighty percent with Heart 

 Dr. Wally Goddard: The willingness to see goodness in your partner gets you more goodness.  


  • Get curious. Ask your partner in humility why they do something differently. Listen sincerely and without judgement.  
  • Make a list of 50 different qualities you appreciate in your partner. 
  • Decide to stop criticizing a specific behavior, quality, or attribute of your partner. Choose to accept them as they are right now, instead of trying to change them.   

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