009: Celebrating Anniversaries

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Celebrating Anniversaries

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What can I do today to make my partner’s life more worth living? In this week’s episode, Dave and Liz discuss the importance of celebrating anniversaries in our relationships. Marital drift happens to the best of us. Liz shares these 4 tips: be authentic, attentive, appreciative and affectionate for improving your connection and making anniversaries…and your marriage… more meaningful.


0:00 – What can I do today to make my spouse’s life more worth living?

0:16 – The importance of celebrating anniversaries in your relationship

1:08 – UMC has just celebrated our 24-year anniversary

2:54 – Every day we get a chance at a due over

6:37 – There is so much of the picture behind closed doors

7:50 – What is grey divorce?

9:22 – Re-invent yourself after the kids leave

10:42 – Finding love again

12:01 – A time for reflection and renewal

14:47 – Involve your children

16:25 – We are modeling and teaching kids all the time

17:31 – The value of pre-marital couple counseling

18:26 – Sometimes we get a little too confident

18:50 – Take e-PREP and RELATE

19:40 – Be authentic

20:49 – Be attentive

22:21 – Be appreciative

24:48 – Be affectionate

26:15 – Takeaways

Insights and Invites


Dave: It’s important for couples to come up with their own rituals or celebrations to create ways to connect.

Liz: I am grateful that my parents stayed married. They could have easily divorced but I am grateful they didn’t, they showed me what it takes.


  • Couples’ conversation: Discuss the anniversaries that are important in your relationship and how you can be more intentional about how you celebrate them.
  • Be authentic – Refrain from comparing your marriage to another. Celebrate what makes your marriage unique and then “vow to keep the vision alive.”
  • Be attentive – Explore the following questions with your partner: “What was the best part of last year?” “What can we improve from the past year?” “What do you hope to see me do different in this next year?”
  • Be appreciative – Create a couples’ gratitude journal. Take turns writing something you appreciate about your spouse and leave it out for them to read.
  • Be affectionate – Talk with your partner about ways they would like you to express affection. What will you do to improve those areas?

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