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Love Takes Learning ePREP Course

*This course is free for Utah residents*

What is ePREP?

Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (ePREP) is an online program brought to you by PREP, the gold standard for strengthening relationships. The skills and strategies presented in ePREP have helped over a million couples around the world.

Over 40% of married couples will divorce, and 31% of married people report being unhappy in their marriages. There is a better way. Couples can learn how to talk without fighting, keep friendship and fun alive, and beat the odds of relationship difficulties.

What is Included in the ePREP Course?

Topics Include:

  1. Improving Your Relationship - confront some things that often go wrong in relationships
  2. Filters - learn about the 5 filters that may secretly be wreaking havoc in your relationship
  3. Events, Issues, and Hidden Issues Model - stop arguing about the shallow stuff and get to the heart of conflicts
  4. Important Conversations - talk more & fight less using the Speaker Listener Technique
  5. Problem Solving - discover how problem-solving can bring you closer to your partner
  6. Fun and Friendship - brainstorm your way to more fun and a better friendship
  7. Putting It All Together - activate what you have learned
ePREP consists of 5 modules, and takes about 6 hours to complete. You can take this course at your own pace, but will have 6 months from the time you register your link to complete the course. 


Take the ePREP Course!

Whether preparing for marriage or seeking to enhance your current relationship, this course is for you, and its FREE ($35 value) for Utah residents! 

*If you’re engaged and planning to get your marriage license in Utah, explore the Marriage Education Discount.

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ePREP Benefits

  • Increases in dedication
  • Increases in constructive communication
  • Increases in levels of trust
  • Participants were less likely to break-up with their significant others in both the short and long term
  • Reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Reduced alternative monitoring (comparing the current relationship to other potential romantic connections)
  • Reduced frequency of psychological aggression
  • Reduced frequency of physical aggression

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