Camilla Rees

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7 At-Home Date Ideas for Couples

couple date

Quarantined couples, looking for fun at home date ideas—besides another Netflix binge? We got you.

Here are 7 at home date ideas to cure your boredom and strengthen your relationship:

1. Take a Virtual Tour of the World! 

Do have cabin fever and an adventurous itch to scratch?

Good news! You can virtually tour museums, famous sites, landmarks, and more all around the world on Google Arts & Culture and Google Earth. Visit your dream vacation destinations from your couch; no plane tickets necessary.

2. Get Creative

Look up YouTube tutorials or get on Pinterest for inspiration. Learn how to make the best cinnamon rolls, paint a landscape, cut hair, or build a box garden. This at home date idea has so many possibilities and will be anything but boring! Whatever you decide, good luck! ;)


3. Shop Online! 

During this pandemic, it’s easy to feel like there’s too much stress and uncertainty to use your money for something other than basic needs. But really, just sit down together, take a look at your budget, and if it allows - get something nice for each other.

It could be as simple as a $7 nail polish or a favorite band T-shirt.

Gifts can be a major love language. Sometimes, getting something new and exciting could be just what your partner needs to brighten their day!


4. Dress Up for Each Other!

When was the last time you wore something besides pajamas? 

Dressing up can be refreshing and mood-elevating. So, get super dressed up for each other (you could even go as far as black-tie) and have a candlelit dinner. Do not forget to take pictures in your amazing looks. You won’t want to forget it!


5. Teach Each Other about Something You Love

Take interest in and learn about each other’s passions, careers, and hobbies. This at home date idea can lead to great conversations and new shared interests! Being open to learning about each other’s worlds will also deepen your connection and closeness.

P.S. I got this idea from the Gottman Institute's post, "24 Dates You Can Try at Home"!


6. Relax in Your Backyard

Now that it’s warming up outside, we can finally relax and unwind out in the sun. Don't let the beautiful day go to waste because you're stuck at home. Lay beach towels out in your backyard and listen to music, an audiobook, or a podcast together. Or if your spring fever is really high, play some ocean sounds! 


7. Talk About Your Feelings

This is a very difficult and stressful time for so many couples. Many of us have experienced changes with employment, health, or family roles and dynamics. You may feel a lot of anxiety or sadness, but are holding back from voicing it.

At times like these, sometimes the best date night is sitting down together and talking about your feelings and worries. Chances are, you are not alone.

If you need a little help or encouragement opening up to your significant other, read “How to Tell Your Partner When You’re Not OK”.

If it helps, talk about small things you can start doing each day to support and comfort each other during this crisis. 

8. Bonus!

For more at-home date ideas, read “10 Ways to Date Your Spouse Without Leaving the House”.