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The Master Gardener Plant Pest & Disease Diagnostic Desk
Hotline: (385)468-4828 |

  • The Master Gardener Diagnostic Desk is now open for the 2024 season beginning April 8, 2024. The schedule to speak with a live master gardener on the phone or in person is Monday and Friday, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
  • Phone calls to our hotline (385)468-4828 may go to voicemail during busy times. Callers may leave a message and we will respond the same day or during the next open clinic time (Mondays/Fridays, 10 AM-1:00 PM). 
  • Email questions will be answered within 5 business days. Please attach photos which are high resolution and very clear. Close-ups of plants and/or arthropods as well as photos of an entire plant or garden from a distance are very helpful.
  • Specimens may be dropped off during regular business hours 8AM - 5PM, Mon-Fri and we will do initial analysis and/or identification of your plant or insect within 5 business days. All specimens should be bagged or in a sealed container. Turf specimens should be about 4" deep X 4" long X 4" wide and have living, green plants included. Please wait for 2 days after a rain or irrigation before digging the specimen (we cannot do much with muddy soil).Tree/shrub specimens should be limited to 12-inch pieces with living portions attached. 
  • Soil testing: We do not do laboratory tests at the Salt Lake County Extension Office. We can make observational assessments and look for pests with microscopes if necessary. For complete analysis, soil samples need to be delivered to the USU Analytical Laboratories in Logan. We do carry zipper bags, shipping boxes and submission forms for the public at no charge. Many of your soil questions may be answered by referring to the lab website:
  • If preferred, for a small fee, you may send plant pest and disease specimens to the Utah Plant Pest and Disease Laboratories in Logan. Please see the links at the bottom of this page for more information.
  • For all other inquiries, please email

USU Extension office:
Salt Lake County Government Center
2001 South State Street #S1-300
Salt Lake City, UT 84190

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