About Us

Who We Are: 

The Utah State University (USU) Extension office in Salt Lake County is a partnership between USU Extension and Salt Lake County Government.   Employees and programming Salt Lake County work(s) to IMPROVE LIVES AND COMMUNITIES by conducting workshops, trainings, mass media demonstrations, 4-H youth projects, consultations, groups collaborations, and providing educational resources.  All services we offer are research based and scientifically sound.  Our team of experts are here to help!

 About Us

How are we doing?

We pride ourselves on making a difference in our communities. Utah State University Extension Impact reports include graphs and information about specific areas of Extension and the impact these programs are making on Utahns.  

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2015 Salt Lake County Impact Report

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From nutrition, to youth, to finance, to growing a garden, our programs are improving the community.  See for yourself in our 2015 impact report. 


Specific Outcomes (or, what we hope to see happen because of our efforts):

  • Healthy individuals and families – Individuals and families will develop the capacity to function in a satisfying and productive manner
  • Healthy communities – Individuals and families will take on the responsibility to create stable neighborhoods, bringing enhanced quality of life in communities.  
  • Healthy environments – Individuals and families will engage in positive decision making that affects the quality of the environment along the Wasatch Front.
  • Healthy economy – Individuals and groups will optimize their current and future  productivity in their communities and their workplace.  

What is Utah State University Extension?

Extension is unique in structure and function. As a partnership of federal, state, and local governments, the Extension system--with its network of county offices ad state universities, is in a position to deliver educational programs at the grassroots level throughout the nation, With its university faculty and staff serving the states and territories most located in the over 3,000 counties across the country, the county Extension office is truly the front door to America's land-grant universities. This integration of teaching, research, & public service enables the Extension system to respond to critical and emerging issues with research-based, unbiased information. 

Though more than 100 years old, Extension is as vital as ever, and perhaps even more so, due to the increased diversity and complexity of the issues people encounter today. The Extension system continues its longstanding tradition of extending the university to the people to improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities.