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Almond Whole Wheat Toaster Waffles

I love this recipe because ithas a great nutty flavor and crisp, light texture. Itreally sticks with me!The whole-wheat flour meansI am getting plenty of fiber and phytochemicals. The almond flour adds a wonderful nutty flavor, and some healthy fats, prot...

Almonds in the Home Garden

Almonds (Prunus dulcis) are a close cousin to peaches and nectarines, but are not generally as cold tolerant. Almonds are currently not a recommended crop in northern Utah, including the warmest parts of the Wasatch Front.

An Alternate Method for Setting Codling Moth Biofix

Codling moth, Cydia pomonella is the key insect pest of apple, pear, and walnut throughout the world, including Utah (apple and pear). Effective management practices are based on accurate determination of the first flight of codling moths in the spring,

Anxiety and Depression: Can Diet Help?

In November 1944, Dr. AncelKeys and Dr. Josef Brozek, faculty at the University of Minnesota, conducted a study on the effects of starvation, known as the Minnesota Starvation Study (Baker & Keramidas, 2013). Through this study, it was observed that a lac...

Apple Cinnamon French Toast

This fruity take on a breakfast classic is ideal for Sunday morning breakfasts with the family or a weeknight breakfast for dinner. Try using a thick sourdough or whole grain bread that will absorb the egg mixture extra well.To mix it up, try different to...


Apples are a favorite fruit of many people for eating out of hand, in fresh salads, or in a wide variety of cooked products. Here's how to preserve Apples

Apricots in the Home Garden

Apricots (Prunus armeniaca) originated in China, but can be grown in most of the western world including much of Utah. Like peaches, plums, and cherries, apricots have a large, hard pit or ‘stone’ in the fruit and are considered ‘stone fruits’.

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