Katie Lamkin

I decided to take the Master Remote Work Professional Certificate course as I was advised I’d be laid off due to COVID from my current job.  I thought it would be a good certificate to show on my resume when looking for a new job.  I knew I’d be looking for remote work.  I also wanted to become familiar with other chat/project management platforms used for remote work. 

I’ve worked remotely for about 7 years and I love the flexibility that it allows as a mom. I also take better care of myself working from home where I can cook meals for lunch as well as being able to take care of household items during break/lunch so it’s not left to the weekend.  I feel like my days off are truly mine to spend quality time with my son. I follow Rat Race Rebellion, Kiss that cubicle goodbye as well as check LinkedIn and indeed often when looking for a job.  I ended up finding this position with BambooHR via LinkedIn.   I will be working at a customer service representative for their payroll product.

I thought the company culture of BambooHR was a great fit for me as well as the excellent benefits package.  In my application, I made sure to highlight my applicable knowledge and experience to the position I applied for (thanks Mike Sarles).  

In my interview, I was really honest and let my personality show. One thing I’ve always done is to view the company website and see what their values are and read up about them.  Companies really like when you have questions for them.  It shows your interest too.  It’s hard to have patience when looking for work, but keep applying and be diligent. It’s taken me a lot of no’s to get the one yes I really wanted.