Remote Teams Summit 2023

Remote Teams Summit 2022

Leading Remote: Find the Optimal Intersection of Performance and Wellbeing

The Remote Teams Summit is a unique gathering where you can network with
professionals like you who manage fully remote or hybrid teams. You’ll hear
from experts about topics like:
  • The critical importance of trust in a remote work culture
  • Hiring remote
  • Smart remote work policies
  • Great tools for productivity and communication in remote teams
Yes! It's an in-person, 1-day conference for people who lead remotely. This get-together, like last year's, will be eye-opening and empowering. You’re part of an entire community of remote team leaders and your presence will add to the quality of this important summit.

Register now to also get a copy of Running Remote (while supplies last). Author Liam Martin, our morning Keynote speaker, will be available to sign books at the Summit.

Professional Development Credits

Attending the Remote Teams Summit can qualify you for 12 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) from SHRM. If you are interested in receiving the PDC credit, please contact, and she will send you the PDC information. For information on where and how to input your PDC activity code visit the National SHRM website.

Summit Schedule

7:30 a.m. - Breakfast & networking
8:00 a.m. - Opening comments by Dr. Paul Hill, Remote Online Initiative of USU Extension
8:15 a.m. - Liam Martin, Running Remote, Time Doctor

Building Billion-Dollar Remote Empires Through Asynchronous Management & AI
Join Liam Martin as he explores the power of Asynchronous Management, the revolutionary methodology that has propelled remote companies to billion-dollar valuations over the past two decades. Dive into real-world examples and understand how this approach optimizes team productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, grasp the transformative impact AI is poised to have on remote workforce management, opening up new horizons for growth and success in the era of remote work. A must-attend for leaders navigating the future of work.

9:30 a.m. - Dr. Jeb Hurley, Brainware Partners

Bridging the Distance: How to Cultivate a Hybrid/Remote Team Culture of High Performance and High Trust
Gain deep insights from organizational psychologist Dr. Jeb Hurley as he helps us think differently about remote leadership by viewing it through the lens of behavioral science. Understand the art of leveraging human neurobiology to create trust, psychological safety, and strong work relationships. Learn how to apply this understanding to improve performance and foster individual well-being.

10:30 a.m. - Networking break
10:45 a.m. - Breakout rooms

1. Luis Cordova, WANDR

Remote Work is Practice, Not a Destination
Discover WANDR's approach to remote work and cultural practices. As a 100% remote company, they wholeheartedly embrace the value of practice over perfection while establishing crystal-clear priorities and ensuring seamless product follow-through. Their ultimate aim is to cultivate a supportive and engaging cultural environment that fosters clear communication, a strong sense of purpose, and teamwork, making the employee experience both enjoyable and highly productive.

2. Logan Mallory, Motivosity

Leadership Lessons by Ted Lasso
Get new ideas for making sure team members are heard and included. Learn the importance of vulnerability from leaders and why you should mentor instead of manage.

11:45 a.m. - Lunch & introvert-friendly networking activity
1:00 p.m. - Breakout rooms

1. Cassie Whitlock, Utah State University

Beyond Borders: Unleashing the Power of Remote Work
Cassie Whitlock, the former HR Director at Bamboo HR will tell about how they use culture to unite remote teams. You'll also learn ways to manage remote fatigue on your team, and other tools they she finds essential for remote leaders.

2. Gastón Algaze, Jetpacks!

Break In Case of Remote Work
Learn how Gastón built a culture of excellence within his remote teams by leveraging specific tools like:

      • Effective communication
      • Building trust
      • Owning the stage
      • Allowing yourself to feel the heat
      • Being ready
      • Following through

Gastón will use clear examples and stories from his own life experiences.

2:00 p.m. - Networking break
2:15 p.m. - Mark Cruth, Atlassian

Interpersonal Alchemy
Learn the ingredients of high-performing teams at Atlassian and how to unlock this in distributed teams (science themed). Discover how to hack your distributed work environment and get the tips and tricks for crushing distributed work.

3:15 p.m. - Closing, prizes, Aggie ice cream & networking
4:00 p.m. - End

Don't let the fun end here, make it a weekend trip! Check out the best things to do in Park City!


Building Billion-Dollar Remote Empires Through Asynchronous Management & AI
Liam Martin Headshot
Liam Martin
Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Time Doctor
Co-organizer - Running Remote, and Co-author - Running Remote Book

Liam Martin, an authority in asynchronous management methodologies and remote work, is the Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Time Doctor, a distinguished employee productivity SaaS platform. A passionate advocate for remote-first cultures, Liam's expertise in asynchronous management has enabled countless businesses to optimize their remote workforce potential. His insights have been featured in prestigious publications like Forbes and TechCrunch. As a co-organizer of the Running Remote conference and author of the bestseller, "Running Remote", he continues to enlighten the business world on the advantages of flexible and location-independent teams.

Bridging the Distance: How to Cultivate a Hybrid/Remote Team Culture of High Performance and High Trust
Dr. Jeb Hurley headshot
Dr. Jeb Hurley
Managing Partner
Brainware Partners
Presenter Profile

Dr. Jeb Hurley is an expert in team dynamics and behavior change. He applies that expertise in his work, helping leaders solve their most difficult team and culture challenges. Jeb’s leadership experience includes multiple tech co-founder/CEO and global Fortune 100 VP/GM roles and over thirty years of developing leaders and coaching teams. He holds a doctorate in organizational leadership, is a mentor for Techstars Foundation, is a member of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School, and is the author of two books on transforming team dynamics.

Interpersonal Alchemy
Mark Cruth
Modern Work Coach
Presenter Profile

Focused on practice over theory, Mark is a pragmatic modern work designer and coach. With over a decade of experience experimenting with teamwork practices at places like Boeing, Nordstrom, TD Ameritrade, and Rocket Mortgage, Mark's mission is to inject modern ways of working, a transformation mindset, and the power of expert storytelling into everything he does. Today Mark works for Atlassian, a company focused on unleashing the potential of every team! Mark spends his days coaching both Atlassian and customer teams on new ways of working, then sharing what he's learned at events around the world!

Remote Work is Practice not a Destination
Luis Cordova headshot
Luis Cordova

Luis Cordova is a husband, father, veteran, and CEO of WANDR—a 100% remote agency specializing in UI/UX design and product strategy, collaborating with both commercial and government organizations. During his time working on innovation and tech transfer teams for the USAF, Luis developed an interest in innovative, remote work culture, and small business tech solutions which eventually led him to WANDR. Here, he and the team focus on leveraging remote talent to meet customers at their point of need for user-centric research and design. The team has successfully worked with over 300 organizations and recently earned a spot on Inc's 5000 list for the second consecutive year.

Leadership Lessons by Ted Lasso
Logan Mallory headshot
Logan Mallory
Vice President of Marketing
Presenter Profile

Logan Mallory is the Vice President of Marketing at Motivosity and a public speaker on culture and leadership topics. He has held marketing leadership roles at LogMeIn, Jive Communications and Workfront. Logan has an MBA from Brigham Young University, is an adjunct professor at the Marriott School of Business.

Beyond Borders: Unleashing the Power of Remote Work
Cassie Whitlock headshot
Cassie Whitlock
Adjunct Professor
Utah State University
Presenter Profile

Cassie has 20+ years of HR experience and previously served as BambooHR’s Director of HR. She also teaches an HR Technologies course in USU’s Professional MHR program. She has a Master's degree in Human Resources and a Bachelor's degree in Business Management/Accounting. She loves the intersection of business and humans and believes that when companies focus on the human aspect of their people, the people, in turn, focus on the business needs. She was recently recognized in HRD’s “2022 HR - Global 100. She credits her success to the support of her family and the talented people she works alongside.

Break In Case of Remote Work
Gastón Algaze headshot
Gastón Algaze, Jetpacks!
Founder & CEO
Presenter Profile

Gastón is a courageous, hands-on innovation leader, with more than 20 years of experience enabling organizations to dramatically improve their remote global delivery capabilities. A people person at heart, he facilitates the integration of large, multicultural teams, while maintaining a very healthy business. That’s how he’s been able to spend the last 15 years of his career partnering with the right companies to ultimately deploy the right skills and experience that allowed them to strategically transform their businesses in sustainable ways.