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Master Remote Work Professional (MRWP) Certificate Course

Research Description

Thank you for your interest in the MRWP course. We are excited to have you with us! At this time, we would like to provide a brief overview of our research activities and extend an opportunity to you to participate in our study.

In our study, we would like to assess the value of the MRWP course and find out about your experiences when searching for remote work opportunities post course completion. Please note that you will receive an informed consent document that further explains our research and what you will be expected to do should you wish to participate. In this document, you will be able to accept or decline to participate in the study.

Please note that if you do not wish to participate in the research, you can still register for the course and your final grade will not be affected in any way. The research is being conducted separate to the course.

The Research Team:

Dr. Paul A. Hill (Principal Investigator and Program Director);

Dr. Amanda D. Ali (Co-Principal Investigator and Data Scientist);

IRB #: 12490