Affiliate Program


The Remote Online Initiative (ROI) is an innovative and forward-thinking USU Extension program designed to prepare rural communities for the future of work. The ROI program provides specialized training to prepare individuals for success in a rapidly changing economy.


We see a vibrant future for rural communities throughout the United States, one where residents are not limited by geographic opportunities, but capable of obtaining well-paying remote jobs through reliable internet connectivity.


Our mission is to prepare rural communities for the future by (1) offering relevant educational experiences, (2) connecting people to modern employment opportunities, and (3) developing innovative solutions for community needs.

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Why become an affiliate?

  • Access to the only personalized, research-based remote work training program
  • Empower rural communities through remote work
  • Bring economic diversification to rural areas
  • Ongoing training and support to coach and mentor rural residents
  • Connect remote workers within your community
  • Expand skills in community organizing through the ROI Affiliate's Toolkit and hands-on experience
  • Join a national community of ROI program affiliates and share remote work training resources
  • Build your land grant university's brand equity
  • Learn more by reading our Case Statement

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing: $149/student + $150 per month or $149/student + $1,500 for a flat annual fee, a savings of $300.
This operating fee will begin starting January 1st, 2022 and includes:

  • One dashboard to access student information from your region within our CRM/database.

  • A Remote Online Initiative co-branded marketing kit

  • Program Coordinator trainings

  • Canvas TA access/trainings

  • Creation of custom Participation Code

  • Invoicing/payment processing 

  • Co-branded certificates will be award to your graduates

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  1. You will need to first decide on a main point-of-contact which will be reffered to as your "program coordinator"  or PC for your region. You may have up to 4 program coordinators from your region/state/organization participate in this program. 

  2. Affiliate Program Coordinators are expected to moderate workshops, grade assignments for students in your region, attend monthy PC meetings, meet with students for one-on-one coaching sessions, etc.

  3. Depending on the number of students enrolling from your region we recommend setting aside X hours per week per X number of students. 

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  1. The first step is to take the Certified Remote Work Professional course; this is the best way to understand the program and its offerings. This certification is also required in order to become an affiliate program coordinator.

  2. After certifying, participants in our course have the option to meet one-on-one virtually with their assigned program cooridnators for a Career Coaching session. This is when you will have the opportunity to schedule a time to meet with your assigned program coordinator to go over the next steps to becoming an affiliate and to answer any remaining questions you have.

  3. During the scheduled meeting with your assigend program coordinator we will address program implementation in your region (i.e. student intake, payment methods, trainings, marketing materials, co-branding, etc.)