About Us


Our mission is to empower rural Utah with education and remote work opportunities for a vibrant future.


A connected Utah where location is no barrier to career or business success.

 What is Remote Work?


The Rural Online Initiative will educate, coach, and mentor citizens of the rural workforce who are currently unemployed, underemployed, or have dropped out of the workforce to obtain freelance jobs, remote employment, or online commerce opportunities. It is expected that this program will have the following positive impacts:

  • Empower Families - Increase median household income & quality of life for citizens of rural Utah.

  • Provide Education - Change attitudes, knowledge, and behavior regarding remote work opportunities.

  • Job Creation Reduce local unemployment rates without the expense of recruiting new businesses.

  • Retain Local Talent - Reduce post high school relocation.

  • Improve Rural Viability - Fortify rural businesses through online expansion.

  • Strengthen Tax Base - A bigger population with bigger incomes means more revenue for your city.